Geidi System

VNY's notes:

Located just barely within Calipsa space near the border but only accessible via secret route from the House-neutral space for Tapani Imperium Capital Procopia System.
Someone managed to get this system's hyperspace route and very existence erased from maps and directories during the chaos of the Twilight attack. Now that it is back on the map, and its District Count has been formally confirmed in the Council of Counts, it has a lot of work to do to recover environmentally and economically.
Since Geidi System's formerly secret location is actually just outside the border of neutral space around Procopia System, I would think that makes them a part of Calipsa Province. However, all historic tax records and organizational charts list them as a part of Emperor Gregor's fiefdom directly? So they would technically be part of House Vormelantha then.
Does Dragomir Vorharkonnen swear his fealty through High Lord Count Meinhard Vorhalas, or High Lord Bal Vorjaset, or did he skip both of them in favor of swearing fealty to Emperor Gregor Vortapani directly? Or. He was introduced by Emperor Alexander Kane who got the floor from High Lady Countess Bathos VorCadriaan.
Incredibly awkward.
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Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Geidi System is the terminal stop on a privately-marked hyperspace route from Procopia System into the nearest edge of Calipsa Province.
The system primary is Ophiuchi, a G7 V Yellow Main Sequence star.
The innermost orbiting planet is Nirah, a silicate rock planet with no atmosphere. Its crust is riddled with large tunnels. Some theorize that these are evidence of past mining operations by earlier galactic cultures. Others believe that the system primary experienced an intense flaring period shortly after the planets formed, flash-melting the crust and boiling off some of the lightest elements as the crust re-cooled. Absolutely no scientific evidence supports the popular myth about giant worm creatures.
The Tanithine asteroid belt is particularly sparse compared to typical asteroid belts around stars of this age and type. It was over-mined early in the settlement of the star system, resulting in some orbital instability in the larger pieces.
Geidi Prime was a much more ecologically diverse planet until relatively recently, with a variety of grasslands and large briar forests. Currently it is desert and scrubland. Most residents are nomadic tribes. Permanent settlements tend to be strictly religious enclaves.
Geidi Secundus and its moon, Geidi Tertius, still show signs of a long-abandoned terraforming project from early in the Twelve Kingdoms Era. Geidi Secundus has a thin nitrogen atmosphere and a magnetosphere, but its rock is far too alkaline for current terraforming technology to be worth pursuing.
Nagendra is an unusually large ice planet in the fifth orbital ring of the system. Past methane-mining operations have been moderately successful on this world, but Count Dragomir Vorharkonnen flatly rejects any application to build or repair a mining facility on either of the ice worlds within the system for the foreseeable future.
Amaru is the outermost ice planet in the Geidi System. Amaru has one moon, Kantuta, whose natural pink and orange tinted layers are appealing to many species as a natural art object. Jeweled replicas of Kantuta are sometimes worn as a religious symbol by members of the Orange Catholic faith. Be advised that any attempt to land on the surface of Amaru or Kantuta, or otherwise directly affect the surface of either, is likely to be taken as a mortal offense by the faithful.
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Thanks to donjon's Star Wars d6 System Generator for the heavenly bodies in this star system.


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