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Divine Origins

During the Galactic Civil War, Darth Feyd was killed during a mission to the Kamino System by Count Tsu Vorboccioni as his smuggler identity, "Khun". After this, a schism developed between Darth Dragomir, and Darth Sidious – also known as Emperor Palpatine. Events came to a head, resulting in a violent duel. Neither won over the other but Darth Dragomir was severely wounded. He fled Coruscant for his home sector of Tapani Sector. Along the way, buried in a storm of emotions, he uncovered a powerful connection to the Force. One that had been obscured by the teachings of the Sith.
He studied this, recording his observations and discoveries through the course of Galactic Civil War and the following Tapani Civil War. Once he was reinstated as Count Vorharkonnen, rightful heir to the Vorharkonnen estates on Geidi Prime, he opened a modest academy for those interested.
This new school of thought he named Qo'shasot, taken from the ancient Sith phrase for Dark Jedi.

Tenets of Faith

Code of the Qo'shasot


Serenity is a lie; there is only emotion.


Ignorance is the great deceiver; through knowledge comes clarity


Chaos and Peace are misleading; through passion comes strength


Through all emotion comes true harmony.


There is no Dark or Light, but the Force which will free me.



Dragomir's methods in Qo'shasot are similar to the Sith, but differ in many ways. They embrace the use of emotion as a connection to the Force. The Force itself is powerful, but to the Qo'shasot, it isn't inherently 'good' or 'evil'. It reflects what's inside the practitioner. Therefore a Qo'shasot practitioner freely explores both the Light and the Dark Side, seeking to balance and control their own inner turmoil.
The Qo'shasot see the Force as much as an ally, and a tool for their use. Through this, a practitioner can use the Dark Side to powerful ends which can be beneficial to those around them. One major philosophical difference between Qo'shasot and Sith, is that Qo'shasot do believe in a higher existence, where Sith do not.


  • Archpraetor (grandmaster/mistress of the order)
  • Praetor (Master of the Order)
  • Questor (Knight of the Order)
  • Disciple (Apprentice of the Order)
  • Type
    Religious, Sect
    Notable Members


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