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Smooth talking, deceptive, yet occasionally charming Dark Lord

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 17.0 "Dark Clouds Rising 1"

Count Dragomir Vorharkonnen

Count Dragomir Vorharkonnen is the head of House Vorharkonnen and ruler of Geidi Prime, which makes him part of House VorCalipsa. He is also the founder of the Qo'shasot religious order, based upon ancient Sith texts but built with observations from many other philosophies . . . not all of them exclusively Darksided, either.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Some say that he looks a lot like a young Sheev Palpatine of Naboo. Dragomir used to be pleased by the comparison. Nowadays, it vexes him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dragomir was a Sith Lord, proudly bearing the title "Darth". He was one of two boys taken at a young age from House Vorharkonnen to train with Darth Sidious on Coruscant. The other was his near-twin, Feyd. He ws an accomplished and practiced disciple of the Sith Order by the time he returned to enforce his master's will in the Tapani Sector.


After many years of study under Darth Sidious, the combined death of his brother Darth Feyd with destruction that was visited on the world of his birth, Geidi Prime, prompted him to question the motives of his master. This led to a disastrous confrontation that nearly ended with Dragomir's death.


Dragomir chose discretion as the better part of valor and managed to escape Darth Sidious. Independently, working carefully, he made his way once again to the Tapani Sector. There, he petitioned the Council of Counts to recognize his claim – which he could validate with birth records and with Bene Gesserit genetic testing – to the Vorharkonnen District on Geidi Prime. This claim was recognized by Emperor Gregor; Dragomir was dubbed Count Vorharkonnen.


Since then, Dragomir has been quite content with this outcome. He is no less a Dark Power than before, only he feels more a master of his own fate and his own studies. Any that consider him less, or assume he has forgone his dangerous ways has met with a swift and abrupt end.


He currently has an uneasy truce between himself, the local natives who now call themselves Cetagandans and a large, militant contingent of Orange Catholic militants who call themselves Adepta Sororitas.


Family Ties

In the past few years, Dragomir has learned that his family is not so decimated as it seems, since he is a cousin by blood to the Jedi, Vanya Ysadora. This fact has not been exactly delightful as he has maintained a respectful animosity towards the young Jedi. Not enough to outright kill her, but enough to occasionally disrupt her life for his own personal goals, amusement or reasons.


Along with this, he has learned he’s related to a man named Lev Ysadora from the Corporate Sector.


The first thing that Ysadora did with this information, in fact part of her method of passing it to him, was to research the laws and forms relevant to the process of abjuring or abdicating a noble position in the Vor tradition. Vanya gave Dragomir the legally binding documentation of their blood connection with one hand and the even more legally binding abdication of any claim for herself or her heirs to the Vorharkonnen family name with her other hand; those latter forms lacked only his witnessing as Count to be complete, not even that he have to speak on the matter to anyone in his official or personal capacity. She further stated, plainly and without so much as a glimmer of caution, her motivation for doing so:

My progenitors -- they weren't "parents"; they went to some pretty great lengths to set everything just right because they were NOT GOING TO be "parents" -- left me a life and a chance to grow up fairly well cared for in body, mind, and soul. They left me an education. They left me a couple of personal initials and a family name. They left me a sense of personal responsibility for the consequences of my choices.
And then they left.
I think that was for the best, all around.
I have no place in a noble family, Dragomir. I certainly won't let anybody wedge me into your turf. And if any of those politically-minded loons even THINK about using my existence to bludgeon you somehow, first they're going to find that abdication stops any chance of making me a threat to your title; and then second, they're going to find my monk vows do still allow me to stuff an iced lemonade up one of their nostrils.

This left Dragomir quite . . . flummoxed . . . for a number of days.

To this day, he does not like Ysadora. He is not friendly toward her, except in airy gestures which they both understand to be deliberate falsehoods.

However. They are cordial (most of the time). They are mutually respectful (ninety times out of one hundred). They can acknowledge each other's strengths and virtues without necessarily seeing those as grounds for hostility. They can even find motivation to support one or another of the "cousin's" goals within the context of their own values.

Dragomir respects "cousin Vanya", but she irritates the hell out of him. He first encountered her when she was only a Padawan and she was infuriating even then. He makes the little effort on occasion to needle her because the alternative is to decide "no more of this!" and attack in earnest . . . which will inevitably hurt his own plans. That will never do. So he puts up with her, knowing that he can work mostly around her. In the meantime, he prepares in case of a day where he's backed into a corner and has to thrown down.

Religious Views

Serenity is a lie; there is only emotion.
Ignorance is the great deceiver; through knowledge comes clarity
Chaos and Peace are misleading; through passion comes strength
Through all emotion comes true harmony.
There is no Dark or Light, but the Force which will free me.
— Code of the Qo'shasot



unwanted cousin (Trivial)

Towards VN Ysadora



VN Ysadora

unwanted cousin (Trivial)

Towards Dragomir




Darth Dragomir, Lord of the Sith, forever failing to measure up to his master Darth Sidious, disliked mere Jedi Order Padawan VN Ysadora on principle before they ever met. Jedi are the sworn enemy of the Sith, after all!


Then she publicly referred to him as "Darth Slick". Which was apparently a dig at his exquisite personal care regimen.


Then she -- a Jedi wannabe -- when faced with the true test of a lightsaber duel, she shot him at point-blank range with a blaster on stun. Instead of facing her ignominious death in the time-honored tradition of all Jedi versus all Sith, she. just. Blaster to the face. Out of nowhere.


When Feyd died, Vanya sent her formal condolences. In the oldest tradition. No gloating. No triumph. Genuine sorrow for his loss. No permission from her master to do so, either, that was certain!


When Darth Dragomir was about to finally justify all of his master's impatient efforts, when he had his lightsaber buried in the chest of Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, Ysadora had the disgrace to put her hand on Dragomir's hilt and dissipate the power out of the blade and then bodily shove Dragomir off the catwalk, saving the old man's life, when she had no business interrupting their duel at all!


But she somehow never hinted to certain Powers that Dragomir had been present at that event, that he could have witnessed what no one must know. That he might have survived in the chaos.


She is a Jedi!
(Who readily admits that the Dark Side is devastatingly powerful in a given single moment).
In the cheerful habit of announcing that, "My religion happens to be correct!"

  • but almost always follows with, "but yours works for you, which is all that matters."
  • She discovered evidence from the Corporate Sector that she may have as strong a blood claim to the Vorharkonnen Countship as he and his brother had together!
    (and immediately abdicated it as thoroughly as the law can arrange.)
    She strides through the galaxy in the brash confidence that her way is best
    and so often, that "way" includes ceding primacy to a person of a different faith, because the result is what matters to her.

    (Vanya's version of this story is very different, that's for certain.)

    Nicknames & Petnames

    "Dear cousin."

    Relationship Reasoning

    Vanya and Dragomir are not on friendly terms. They're civil to each other. They are pleasant because otherwise there will be serious combat and they are good-humored about it because the alternative is to say "no more of this shit" and start combat and that gives them the social lubrication necessary to work in the same space against mutually disliked exterior issues.


    Vanya doesn't hate Dragomir, but she knows damn well he would cause other people pain just to drink it in, and she calculates every interaction with him based on how to channel HIS interests so they don't become HER problem.


    Dragomir respects Vanya, but she irritates the hell out of him. He takes pot shots at her because the alternative is to go "I'm done with every bit of this" and throw down... which hurts his plans and that won't ever do. So he puts up with her, knowing he can work mostly around her. In the meantime, he prepares in case of a day where he's backed into a corner and has to thrown down.

    Legal Status

    fellow Tapani citizens, not even of the same Great House

    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Count Vorharkonnen or Archpraetor Vorharkonnen depending on context; formerly Darth Dragomir
    Currently Held Titles
    Current Residence
    deep blue
    long red hair, usually combed straight back to make his face look more angular
    a little over six feet
    Church of the Force
    Aligned Organization
    Ruled Locations


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