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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.0 "Lost and Found"
Independent, agriculturally-focused world located in the neutral buffer zone between Barnaba Province, Procopia System, and the Freeworlds Territory. Their established municipal government got wiped out by attacks, apparently conducted by the Medusas pirate gang. They quickly formed a provisional government while radioing for help.
Some of the pirates turned out to be Alexander Kane, up and coming terrifying Moff and friendly ally of Darth Feyd.
Some pirates did, in fact, at least fly around in Medusa ships. Also Black Hats ships. Actual pirates? Or some of Moff Kane's troops in confiscated vehicles? This was not a question we could take any time to answer.
Also, of course, Moff Kane said he was there to stomp the rebellious pirates flat, to "protect the Empire".
Defenders who were definitely defenders included the Nebulon B commanded by Captain B'hira Hom plus assorted Rebel Legion fighters ... and Lord Danar Vorpadaran and his associates.
And, a little late in the fight, the freshly awakened 257th Clone Detachment.
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