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Ambrose Brunig

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.0 "Lost and Found"

Jedi Knight Ambrose Brunig

VNY's notes:

Jedi Knight. Definitely dead. That did not stop him from causing quite a ruckus.
Side note: Have you ever noticed how often "Classified" appears synonymous with "too awkward to talk about it"?
Anyway. Brunig did the best he could think of. He saved the lads of the 257th. He watched over their hiding spot for as long as he could manage, and he made arrangements for after the fact. I respect and honor what he did for the children in his keeping.
In retrospect, I'm a little surprised they did not pick "Vorbrunig" in his honor.
- database entry updated Natunda
5 Kelona

Mental characteristics


former padawan of Jedi Master Toris Crell

Accomplishments & Achievements

When traveling during the Clone Wars on a stealth mission with the 257th Clone Detachment he chose to bury the vessel containing their suspended animation equipment under the surface of Sybay, a strategically unimportant agricultural world in the Tapani Sector. This was his only means of saving these child soldiers from a tactically stupid death. Even if it did involve disobeying orders and abandoning his life as a Jedi, Ambrose decided that the reality of these lives right here was worth more than any abstract moral quandary.
He stayed hidden and maintained the machinery (and the subterranean concealment) until he had managed to set up sufficient supplies and maintenance routines with the droids he could reprogram.
By the time he was sure everything would carry on without direct oversight, Brunig's health was in sharp decline. He programmed a Jedi Holocron to absorb as much of his instructions and experiences as he could impart so that the droids in the hidden base, and whoever eventually found it, and the TCs themselves once they woke up, would be able to make good choices.
His disappearance in the war probably saved him from the Great Jedi Purge by less than two standard months.
Current Location
12668 12701 33 years old
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