3.07: Chapter 1: Public Enemies and Steel Canyons Report Report in Star Wars: Shards | World Anvil

3.07: Chapter 1: Public Enemies and Steel Canyons Report

General Summary

Character(s) interacted with

  • Legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett
  • possibly retired Dark Lord of the Sith Errol Vondromas
  • private investigator, Jedi Knight VN Ysadora
  • Majordomo Fen Jalus in service to Grakkus the Hutt
  • assorted enforcers for Grakkus the Hutt
  • high-ranking Enforcer Galen Ruellis in service to Bareesh Kajidic, who attempt to pay off the Clan debt to So'Zen Al Saba by supporting Vanya Ysadora
  • assorted Clan Bareesh Enforcers
  • Grakor the Hutt sometimes does his own Enforcing
  • Sector Ranger Andan Jouric
  • adolescent Nautolan witness Pek Rondoon
  • assorted former indentured slaves trying to hide while they await their safe departure
Shards of Exploration
VN Ysadora
Player Journals
And me without my datapadd by VN Ysadora
Mystic Mobs Investigations: Backstage by VN Ysadora
Report Date
31 Aug 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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