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Due to the heavily urbanized surface of Nar Shaddaa, there are several small scale, artificial 'islands' or skyhooks in orbit around the world. None stand out as much as the Kotera.   The Kotera began life as an Ithorian herdship. A traveling piece of the ithorian homeworld that acted as part jungle ecosystem and part traveling marketplace. Unlike its sister ships, the Kotera's path took it through Hutt Space.   At first the ship's passage was noted and largely ignored by most of the Hutt clans. The traveling mercantile ship paid their tariffs and taxes without complaint. But along one of its journeys decades before Clone Wars, the ship changed hands under mysterious circumstances.   Under the ownership of one Jem Vandos - known as the "Gamesman" - the herdship transformed from merchant and jungle ecosystem to one of the greatest tourist attractions Nar Shaddaa had seen since the days of the Duros Menagerie of Exotic Species in Old Duros Sector.   Currently, the herdship remains in low orbit over Nar Shaddaa, being a familiar sight for the locals. The Gamesman lives there, broadcasting the many games he officiates from the ship. Of those, the gladiatorial fights in his Arena Maximus are the most popular.


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