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Old Duros Sector

Credit for this district goes to LucasFilm, and details/inspiration are taken from Old Duras Sector on Wookeepedia and Old Duras Sector on D6 Holocron!
In stark contrast to the wealth and neon opulence of Corellian Sector, the Duros Sector has never enjoyed the same level of wealth. But this, at times, has been to the district's advantage.   The district's origins lie during the time of the Sith Empire. There, the conflict between the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire drove many - most notably the Duros and the Evocii - from their homes due to the fighting. Eventually, the refugees settled on Nar Shaddaa in this slum area. But over time, the refugees improved the district until decades before the Clone Wars, it was a very different place and had shades of its neighbor, Corellian Sector.   During that time, money flowed from the Trade Federation into the region. This allowed the Duros sector to invest in infrastructure and society. High-end restaurants, casinos, shops and more grew up in the area. The Trade Federation - in a deal with the Meldari Council - provided the security and law enforcement for the district. All with the Hutts getting their substantial cut of the profits, which they referred to as 'rent', for the entire operation.   With the end of the Clone Wars and the collapse of the Trade Federation, the Duros sector withered. Shops were closed, high rise living abandoned. The district quickly returned to its original state as a slum, if not ruins in some places. This left a new influx of refugees fleeing the mechanations of the Galactic Empire and others, willing to setting in the slum to build a stable life.   But of any sector on Nar Shaddaa, this one maintains a steady level of unrest. The refugees and cast-offs of the galaxy that call the district home, feel their ignored status. At times this resentment turns into a hot, intense blast of revolt that the Hutts put down without any mercy.   One particular note about the region is that during its brighter days, an animal preserve was established called the Duros Menagerie of Exotic Species. Animals from across the galaxy were collected here and the place was the highlight of tourism. During the decay of the region, the Menagerie fell into disrepair. Animals that didn't die from neglect escaped into Old Duros Sector. Dangerous predators and prey alike now roam Old Duros Sector along with the numerous refugees.   There is such a high number of exotic animals that roam the sector, that Yeldurm the Hutt of Chaesh Kajidic, organizes safaris and expeditions into the region to hut the dangerous creatures for sport. There are many stories of entire hunting parties being eliminated on a safari by the wild animals of Old Duros Sector. But this has yet to deter those hopeful to bag a large prize.  


  Despite the sector's economy is in ruins, there are still some casinos scattered across the region. Likewise, if casinos aren't to a visitors liking, there is the Tall, Dark, and Caf Tearoom or the Happy Murder Frog Cafe which are two of the more common hangouts for visitors and locals.  

Housing and Accommodations

  Public housing is affordable and available in low-income housing or in some of the many abandoned arcology high-rises that dot the sector. As the district is poorly maintained, there isn't any law enforcement by any of the Hutt clans. Instead, local gangs have subdivided some of the district blocks into territories. Border skirmishes between these local swoop gangs are common.   Alternatively, there are the Wild Blocks. These are ruined neighborhoods that have gone wild and overgrown, a mad mix of multiple layers of metal urban construction that has fallen into disrepair and overgrown by exotic plants that outgrew their local greenhouses.  


  The population of Old Duros Sector is rather sparse and because of the wildlife, concentrated into fortified pockets of secured high rise arcology-blocks. Due to the abandoned smuggling tunnels that run between Old Duros and the Corellian Sector, it isn't uncommon to see any number of species. But overall, the main residents tend to be duros, Human, or Evocii.
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