The Shalent are one of the three major ethnicities of the Aw'akeen people. Like the others, the Shalent trace their origins back to the war against the Eborrean that set the galaxy on fire and - from the Shalent's knowledge - exterminated their allies, the Kwa.   In the aftermath, when Eborrean ships scoured countless worlds, the Shalent suffered another blow: civil war at the hands of the Crathax. Caught unprepared, they were nearly overrun but managed to gather ships and escape to the galaxy at large.   Now remote Shalent colonies exist but are hidden from the casual visitor, Aw'akeen and otherwise. Like all Aw'akeen peoples, they have tried to remain silent observers of the galaxy, but that changed with the emergence of the Bloodsmith Raiders who hunt the Aw'akeen for parts.   Despite the threat of the Bloodsmith Raiders, the Shalent wage a rebellion against the Crathax that keep tight control the Aw'akeen homeworld. They do want to unseat them from control of Aw'akeen systems, but only to try and cool the Crathax anger with compassion toward non-silicone based life forms.
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