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Mystery at Thyferra 5: Mystic Mob Investigations

a joint effort by Mystic Mob Investigations:
Knight Errant Sir Davish Tam
Jedi Knight VN Ysadora

General Summary

Nope: not having it.
After all that mess at the Hospital -- with the people whose bodies act like hive colonies of plasmoids or something -- with the hostile parasites that took control of their host's bodies and maybe even minds -- I feel very strongly about the power of "No" here. Seeing Aurra Sing drop out of the crashing shuttle while it's still in the air, and she gets up and dusts off her derrierre and is ready to throw down . . . and she has one of those things in her. And some infested crew are trying to dig their way out of the crashed debris and put their body parts back in order.
The feeling in my brain calls back all the way to the day I walked into the office of Administrator Ur'll: I would not say I know what's about to happen, it's not like that. I simply know who I am, and how the universe functions in my area of contingency: and it does not have these choice-stealing parasites as part of the bipeds' continuing functions. I show the white light foaming up inside me how the fabric of the Galaxy bends around one of these parasites: an eye, a lumpy pancake of tissue covered in scaleless skin, various extensions that might be legs or probisci or both. Covetousness and resentment and a shallow kind of hate looking for any target it can note -- all the destructive potential outgrowths of attachment. Satisfaction drifting into it like sediment from the stagnation of a formerly independent life dragged down to inertia. Not a great evil, not a wellspring of the Dark Side; but a thousand little evil decisions on "how to be" that form a clump of who-cares.
And not a valid part of Aurra Sing or the Crimson Nova or the trees or the grass or mycorrihzal fungi or any other form of life in my vicinity.
I tune the foaming white light to the shape of the parasite like I'm feeding targeting data into the Force itself.
and then
I push.
There's a lot of yelling, a lot of noise. But afterward, all the formerly infested are blinking at the world around them; and all of the parasites hang in the air, knotted together in a ball, not the teensiest piece of their probosci left buried in their former hosts.
"Right, then," I say in satisfaction. Also into the comms.
Then I let other folks in the team start directing events for a bit.
The Crimson Nova, it develops, may well all be infested by the things. We'll have to see about that. But more importantly: they are being employed by a Darius Pender, who is on Chalcedon. That was a planet on So'zen's list of places we will probably go. We can make it next, sure, that's no problem. Captain Quantas of the Ragnar Syndicate can lead us there.

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Report Date
17 Sep 2016
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