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Mystery at Thyferra 1: Mystic Mob Investigations

General Summary

We fly from Coruscant to Thyferra on the Kylo's Star, a little BCX light freighter. And we get jumped as soon as we leave hyperspace, by a batch of mercenary battle droids. Bizarre!
Also a bad choice for them. I don't know if they were lying in wait for us specifically, or if these particular independent droids have just decided to be pirates on the bacta trade route, but it's going poorly for them in either case. They do mention something about Ragnar Syndicate and something about someone called "The Collector". Didn't that title already come up somewhere?
Regardless, we fail to comply with the whole "Die, meatbags!" thing, and we get ourselves into range of Thyferra traffic control. As soon as we're successfully landed, we each tackle the problem from our own specializations.
So'Zen Al Saba and Aerena Kolene head off to the jungle, following a trail that So'zen can't really put into words very well. He seems kind of grumpy about it, and Cap'n Kolene does not much care for monks, so I hope they can remember to be charitable to each other.
I feel like what N8-4C0 is doing is basically the insult-based pirate fencing from The Curse of Monkey Island. Whatever he's doing, I think I will leave alone until he tells me that he wants input.
Regardless, Vance Kerplocken, Davish, and I are headed into Xucphra City to get our mitts on this Prix character. Best sources: cantinas in Spacer's Row, because every big starport has a Spacer's Row; and let's see if the local constabulary like to be helpful to polite visitors.
This planet has a persistent "terrorist" problem, according to the sergeant at the precinct info desk: the "Ashern", also called the "Black Claw". Several years ago, a group of Ashern terrorists contaminated Bacta Lot ZX1449F from Thyferra, which was shipped to Coruscant and caused two million Imperial citizens to develop an allergy to the healing fluid.
Meanwhile, intel gathering at a spacer cantina called the Mottled Mynock: Danar tracks down Prix, who tells us all that he took Commander Maeques to Port Nevermore on Chalcedon. Mace Windu, Prix says, went somewhere else with the Halud.
Explosions sound outside! A group is robbing a (bank? vault? private gallery?) botanical garden, it turns out. They have their loot and most of their crew in a souped up repulsorcraft, one of those models that's open on the sides and back; they're firing in all sorts of directions as they make their getaway.
The leader of the heist crew appears to be Vance Kerplocken, which is pretty damned weird to me, but not a quarter so weird as seeing my OWN FACE next to "Vance". Whaaaaaaaaaaaat the--
Also: part of their stolen haul is a potted tree that glows in The Force brighter than both Skywalker twins put together.
The tree.
Is waving. At me.
For rescue.
. . . .
Yeah, I'm not having this. I am not getting framed; I am not letting these identity thieves go anywhere.
"Size matters not...." I say into our team comms as my only forewarning, and then I coax the Force to flow through me in a torrent.

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Report Date
16 Apr 2016
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