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Mystery at Thyferra 1: Dear Bossman

In which Vanya dictates a holograph home

General Summary

Dear Bossman,
You taught me that the Force is a part of all aspects of life, but also that it's our ally in all those same aspects of life. That -- unlike the opinions of SOME Jedi Masters, who shall remain Ben -- the Force is for floating a pear to impress your date, as much as it's for holding a catwalk together while people are still using it. You said the Force is a part of all things that encourage Life and Harmony, no matter what shape that takes.
I've tried to conduct myself always by that principle.
Well, I'm about to call on the Force as strongly as I can: I have to halt a repulsorlift that's traveling at high speed, full of people disguised as me and my friends, so I can rescue a tree.
Because the tree asked me for help.
Good job, Boss, you've got me violating the physical laws of the universe . . . again . . . for something that might be named Groot.
Love and Jedi hugs,

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Report Date
11 May 2016
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