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Episode 2.10 Wednesday's Child


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Wednesday's Child

It is a time of strife. A war for independence burns in the Chalcedon system. Elsewhere, the last of the Crimson Knight Order wins a hard victory against the Vor Empire in the Outer Rim. In Tapani Sector, an ancient people called the Shalent Aw'akeen, emerge from exile to join the galactic alliance and change the balance of power.
Meanwhile, the Tapani Imperium has commissioned refits of old Corellian Support Frigates into medical ships to support the Chalcedonian rebels. NOVA ORION INDUSTRIES directs the work at the TALLAAN SHIPYARDS. The work is slow because of unexplained setbacks.
The worst setback has been aboard the WEDNESDAY’S CHILD. Workers say ghosts control the ship and attack anything aboard. To get the work back on schedule, Nova Orion issues an offer for bounty hunters willing to board the ship. They’re to solve this ‘ghost’ problem and the frigate’s spontaneous mini-jumps to hyperspace across the Tallaan System…

Notes from the Game Master

For those who haven’t enjoyed a Play by Post adventure, below are a few ‘Rules of Play’, and a little on the structure. But first, the theme…

The Theme

Star Wars has its Dark Side, Light Side, and plenty of Gray in between. Shards of Infamy is that seamier side of the galaxy. It’s inspired by a long list of sources from Han Solo novels, the Book of Boba Fett, the Mandalorian, Firefly, then there is the occasional wink and nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean.
But at its core, it is, and always will be, Star Wars.
May the Force Be With You (you may need it!)

General Rules of Play

Some expectations between player and Game Master!
  Read the Rules of Play

Play By Post Rules of Play

The Narrator or Game Master (that’d be me) will work hard to keep things moving along at a scene every 1 to 2 weeks. Life gets busy, really busy, so that may get slower but also may get faster!

For Game Master posts, I’ll use third person. Probably Third Person “close” which is really kissing cousins to “first person”.

On posting, please try to post at least something every two weeks. Otherwise, I’ll be the proverbial pain in the shorts to you about this.

If I can’t Narrate for Life reasons, I’ll let everyone know when the game goes on a brief pause so it will leave no one hanging (other than a cliffhanger, which delight me to no end :D )

In each post, a character may do two things: 1 move action (walk, run, etc) and 1 "action" action (fight, throw something, etc). No more, no less. Talk? No limit on that, of course!

Speaking of Character Conversations!

If PCs are having a conversation,

  1. It is fine to have multiple posts between those two that are the conversation

  2. We all remember when we used to write as a single post:

  • "Answer to thing one," I said.

  • >> quote of other person saying Other Line

  • "Response response and another thing and while I'm at it my mouth just might be connected directly to the Psychic Hamster playing hopscotch through every thought process in my head"

  • >> quote of other person saying something else that may or may not have been in the same order or even from that same post

  • "I'm thinking of Blah Blah." Having said that, I hang up and leave the room.

  • Let's not do that.

    1. Write in each post what your character says right now in a normal conversation exchange. Players set to Maximum Verbosity probably already recognize that they need to read it aloud before posting to make sure they aren't monologuing.

    2. Answer in sequence as that same conversation would happen in realtime

    3. Yes, this probably means a long thread of short posts! Great! That will still count as One Move for those characters.

    This one is important... we're here to ROLEPLAY, not ROLLPLAY. Don't jump to the dice right away. Explain in character what your character is doing. You don't have to go into detail, but give me your character's viewpoint here. It may turn out you do such a great job, no dice roll is necessary!

    Now, on using other people’s characters in your move… DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE CLEARED IT WITH THE OTHER PLAYER FIRST, and LET ME KNOW THIS IS GOING ON. I mean it.

    Your 'in character' move should involve your character taking steps to solve the problem. No one here is supporting cast. Only the NPCs are supporting cast.

    Now, if you go over 4 weeks without posting and I’ve nagged you until you’re screaming and you aren’t posting… THEN… your character goes up for grabs by the rest of the group as an NPC. This is to keep the story moving.

    BUT! If you’re having trouble with a move or action, please get in touch with me or your fellow players over our Discord. Collaborate and brainstorm ideas, then post a move.

    Don’t EVER be afraid of a failed roll. Never. Those weak results are a gold mine for play by post. Lean into it.

    Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! The best Play by Post games I’ve been involved in are the ones where the players talk their buttocks off about worldbuilding, actions, and moves.

    And don’t be afraid of posting moves that don’t involve dice actions. Those can sometimes be as important as the once with dice rolls! I’ll be reading and taking notes off those as well. Post conversations! If you feel like your character should sing and you have terrible lyrics in mind that you like... make a post!

    Last, but not least, and MOST IMPORTANT… have fun. If this works as I hope, I will run more of these.

    The Adventure Structure

    I will structure the adventure in ‘Chapters’ (or Acts if you prefer) where each ‘Chapter’ will be a separate Discussion Board. As the adventure progresses, we’ll move to new Chapters, until that inevitable end!



  • Kipo Raysser, a Thisspiasian bounty hunter known for his musical talents and the way he can make a blaster sing.
  • Nyxeila Synarris, aka Nyx, A Cathar Free Trader and natural hot shot pilot. One looking to carve out a better tomorrow for herself, one job at a time.

  • Allies

  • Bi-Tai Iltrek, former spy and bounty hunter, now a well-respected Bounty Hunter Broker. One of the more well-known Bounty Hunter Brokers on Tallaan.

  • Neutrals/Bystanders

  • Mil Figron, Project and site manager for Nova Orion Industries's hospital refurbishment job.

  • Adversaries

  • Gear Grinders, a tech-minded swoop and pirate gang. Long on ambition but often short on business sense, they make up for the gap between the two with Outlaw Tech wizardry and a bloody-minded attitude.

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    In ANOTHER Galaxy Far, Far Away...

    Star Wars: Shards Discussion Boards Wednesday's Child

    Wednesday's Child Chapter 1

    Fri, Jan 13th 2023 01:14
    26-4-12731 (Atunda 26 Telona, 12731)
    City of Mol Kydri on the planet Tallaan, in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani Sector

    A Quiet Office Off the Mariosa Market in Mol Kydri City
    Star Wars: Shards Discussion Boards Wednesday's Child

    Wednesday's Child Chapter 2

    Mon, Apr 8th 2024 10:57
    26-4-12731 (Atunda 26 Telona, 12731)
    Tallaan shipyards, in orbit around the world of Tallaan, in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani Sector

    Tallaan Orbital Shipyards - Nova Orion Hub
    In the Belly of the Beast
    A Powered Welcome
    Meeting of the Minds


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