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Gear Grinders

While they are not as well known as the likes of Black Sun, the Gear Grinders are another wide spread criminal organization. Unlike the others, the Grinders lack the business-like attitude and demeanor other organizations try to maintain.
Instead, the Gear Grinders culture remain close to their roots of the swoop gang that was their humble beginnings. Gear Grinders are found across many worlds of known space.
Despite appearances of being an undisciplined pack of vandals, the Gear Grinders are a highly efficient organization consisting of thieves, spies, smugglers, assassins, and outlaw technicians. Their greatest presence is felt in the Mechanis Empire.
Gear Grinders are divided into troupes, with each troupe being responsible for a particular region be that space station, outpost or in some rare cases - a planet. Leaders of a troupe carry the title of Sharpers, and they oversee elements and business activities of their particular troupe. Members are branded with a single gear either on their chest or upper back between their shoulder blades.
Across the entire organization, Sharpers hold equal rank and power. To ensure business runs smoothly, they have routine Enclaves over encrypted channels. This is where they hammer out disagreements or negotiate business dealings.


A Gear Grinder troupe organization is actually rather flat. Each troupe reports to a Sharper who in turn oversees that particular troupe.

Public Agenda

The common assumption by the general public who know about the Gear Grinders is that they are interested in profit. While this is true, they are also interested in preserving the stability of troupe's region or territory. This is because the Grinders understand that a healthy, prosperous city, station or region is one that can be profitable for themselves.
Illicit, Syndicate
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