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Nyxeila "Nyx" Synarris
(a.k.a. Moke)


Who is she?

  • Hunitar Cathar
  • A girl abducted by the establishment
  • Property saved by the fringe
  • A free captain and pilot


    Early Years

      One of the memories that Nyx will cherish until her dying day is laying on her back in a groove of trees staring up at the stars, longing for them. Her fathers voice clear within her ears, "you are my little moke, my little shooting star". Her father Mora-Kir was a Catali acting as a wisdom, advisor and healer for his tribe. He had high hopes that Nyx would follow in his foot steps and learn to be a Song Talkers for her people. Her father taught her to defend herself by way of the Moril or fighting staff.
    Honor demands you are strong of character and defend what you love. Never forget you are blessed with claws, however to use only when your must.
    — Mora-Kir, father of Nyx

    End of Innocence

      Nyx was abducted by Flesh Hunters of Tleilaxu Biodyne with two dozen of her villagers. She along with others were delivered to Tleilaxu Biodyne to further their illegal and unethical secret research projects. Nyx is missing two years of memories following her abduction and bears a laser branded bar code on the back of her right that has never healed over.

    Charity of Pirates

      Apparently one of Tleilaxu Biodyne research facilities was gaining to much attention which caused them the burn the location and relocate their assets including Nyx in cryofreeze. This transport fell under pirate raid, by the Crimson Banner during travels and was taken quickly. The pirates plundered the medical equipment, ship parts and lastly the cryofreeze container with Nyx in it. Saranier the leader of these pirates took Nyx in and treated her like a daughter indoctrinating her in the pirates code while providing a home and treating her as a member of their family. The pirates treated her as a protected member of their family. She was taught their Code as well as an assortment of skills from larceny to piloting. Saran stressed to Nyx that not all pirates follow this code or any code.
    “The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules."
    — Hector Barbossa - Pirates of the Caribbean

      The Code
  • We are bound as a brotherhood by the code
  • The Captain is of the majority voice
  • Injuries of our trade will be first funded by our trade
  • Shares, no more, no less
  • The ship first
  • Provisions second
  • Crew third
  • Injured crew
  • Captain is doubled
  • Specialty and one and half again
  • The rest are of equal shares
  • He who falls behind shall be left behind
  • Penalties of the code are ...
  • marooned
  • death


    Hot Shot

      While Nyx has a lot of natural talents and great instincts, her foremost is being a pilot. She is never as happy as feeling her ships controls beneath her fingers and pushing the limits of what is possible. She has both the natural talent and years of training as a pilot with the Crimson Banner pirates. Her manner fluctuates between that of a calm savant and a crazy person with all daring and no sense.
      You feel that? The thrum of the engines pushed past maximum.
    The scream of the angels, they are jealous because I have faster wings.  


    One Gift

      As Nyx reached her adulthood Saran was aware of the changing landscape within his crew knowing that now was the time to let Nyx go. Many of his crew were bucking his strict adherence to the code. A vote for a new captain was imminent and he was not confident that he could protect Nyx. He took Nyx to a secret asteroid that he had a smaller backup ship stashed for emergency and gifted this ship to her. She knew from his eyes that he would not go with her, and she never truly understood why.
    Take this ship as my last gift to you. Leave, fly free and never return. I say this because I love you and this is the way. You will be better than I."
    — Saranier


    Return Home

      Her first stop was to return to her home planet. Upon finding her father had passed and her village was no more, she left for the final time.

    Here & Now

      Nyx has become an accomplished pilot and captain of her ship. She takes charter for companies or individuals but owes no allegiance to them. Not wishing to be pirate and criminal or corporate lapdog. The wants to be free among the stars to chase the comets tail. She has brought on crew over the last five year by the team and by the individual. They never quite stick and she moves on.  

    Her Code

      Her personal code is two waves of conflicting culture representing her birth and her adopted family.   Her Code
  • My ship my rules
  • My crew my family
  • Only kill when necessary
  • Do not burden the poor
  • Shares
  • Ship & Provisions
  • Crew
  • Captain Double
  • Equal Shares

  •   (think Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly and tough love)

    Casino Cant

      Nyx uses a slang of gambling terms, dice terms and card terms as a means to communicate with her crew and implement tactical maneuvers.  
    Double Up Ace High I'm Calling Queens



  • Deep Loyalties
  • Strong Passions
  • Hot Tempers
  • Never mated

    This character was developed for play within the very creative world of Star Wars: Shards. Star Wars: Shards is a "What if?" from the talented minds of Jarissa and C.B. Ash (aka Kummer Wolf).

    Current Date
  • Datunda 36 Telona, 12731
  • 36-4-12731
  • Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Fierce Green
    Long dark red hair with tribal dreadlocks and braids
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Light golden fur with dark stripes
    5' 2"
    Origin Sector
    Atravis Sector
    Origin System
    Vamana System
    Origin Planet
    Adopted Father
  • Galactic Common
  • Catharian
  • Nyx - Casino Cant
  • Braid Language (rudimentary)

    Adopted Family
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