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Tleilaxu Biodyne, Ltd

The Tleilaxu referenced here in the Tleilaxu Biodyne content above is inspired by the Bene Tleilax from Frank Herbet's Dune, as are the Face Dancers. The Faceless Ones were inspired by the Faceless Men in the Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. Star Wars and associated references such as Jedi, Hutts, etc belong to Disney and LucasFilm limited. Yet! All of the referenced were used as inspiration, nothing more.


The majority of the details on this article are entirely the fault of CB Ash ( Kummer Wolfe ).

So. 'A Better You, for a Better Tomorrow'? Any company whose best reviews for customer service come from the Hutt Meldari Council make me wonder... just whose 'tomorrow' is their tech really better for?

Tleilaxu Biodyne is a biomedical corporation that was originally founded for its work with medical treatments involving the use of bacta with brain and nervous system injuries. However, the company specialized in the development and use of "flash training" technology. With flash training, they are able to inject content and skills directly into a recipient's long term memory. Use of Tleilaxu Biodyne's tech became widespread in certain areas of the galaxy, such as the Corporate Sector and Hutt Space.


One of their earlier projects with flash memory was in establishing a contemporary school of logic and discipline that followed similar coursework as that of Mentats, only with a substantially reduced amount of time. Those who underwent the process were comparable to those that studied through the traditional Mentat schools. However, rumors would occasionally circulate that many of the Tleilaxu Mentats were several that failed the rigorous traditional Mentat training.


These Tleilaxu Mentats supposedly also were subject to genetic alterations to further artificially enhance their performance. As a certain number of the Tleilaxu Mentats seemed to have a hint of the Dark Side according to the Jedi and other Force practitioners, Tleilaxu Mentats have been dubbed "Twisted Mentats" in certain social circles. This gossip hasn't reduced demand. Many from the Vor Houses of the Landsraad in the Tapani Sector to the noble families of Mechanis Empire, Galactic Empire and others that distrust droids are willing to purchase a Traditional or Tleilaxu Mentat for service.

The later clone batches? I saw a few of them right before I went on ice for a few decades. The new guys. Sure they knew 'mostly' what to do and followed orders well enough. Lousy shots, though. They got the job done, but they weren't clone troopers from Kamino
Rico, former Captain of the 257th Clone Detachment

The company was later acquired by Arkanian Microtechnologies ten years before the start of the Clone Wars. However, Tleilaxu was allowed to remain a wholly owned subsidiary of Arkanian Microtechnologies. This enabled the company to pursue its own contracts independent of Arkanian with a percentage of the revenue rendered to Arkanian Micro.


However, Tleilaxu and its parent company did work on several lucrative contracts together, such as the second generation clone trooper project and the 'heavy grav' trooper project in the waning years of the Clone Wars and in the early decades of the Galactic Empire.

Those 'new clones' back in the war? I never really got used to them. There was something unnatural in their eyes. I think that's what the Jedi meant by the Dark Side.
— Count Razak Vorysadora, former Captain of Razak's Roughnecks of the 257th Clone Detachment

Corporate Assets and Locations


As a subsidiary, Tleilaxu Biodyne maintains its own offices and research laboratories. Likewise, their Tleilaxian Quantum Learning Project that produces Tleilaxu Mentat is housed in a separate installation from any of the Arkanian Micro installations.


The corporation maintains its headquarters on the world of Beta Eridani in the Talarnia System of Jasco Sector. Branch offices are located on Coruscant, Obulette, Nar Shaddaa and two research labs in the Corporate Sector. The Tleilaxian Quantum Learning Project is located on Beta Eridani.


Like many members of the Corporate Sector Authority, Tleilaxu Biodyne maintains its own internal security force, called the 'Ghola'. Members of the Ghola are subjected to an alternate flash training method similar to the Tleilaxu Mentat process only more specialized for paramilitary forces.

Word is that Tleilaxu BioDyne does some 'skunkwork' contracts on the side. Like supplying the genetic modifications for that assassin order called the "Faceless Ones" or "Face Dancers". I don't want to know for sure and neither do you. Otherwise you might wind up in the Faceless One's gene-vault as another of their 'faces' to use...
— bounty hunter Jangir Toth to Miles Vorkosigan to warn him away from digging too deep into Tleilaxu BioDyne

A Better You, for a Better Tomorrow

Corporation, Research & Development

Major Products

  • "Flash Learning" cortex learning technology
  • Tleilaxu Mentats, as a product of the Tleilaxian Quantum Learning Project
  • Neuro-therapy Medical Technology
  • Genetic Research

Character flag image: Company logo of Tleilaxu Biodyne, Ltd by CB Ash


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