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Kipo Raysser

Kipo Raysser

Kipo takes bounties that require having better physical strength, speed, and stamina than his target. He prefers to bounty-hunt with no weaponry but what the Maker gave him, but his targets don't always play that game. When not working a case, he enjoys playing guitar on street corners for donations, while he is people-watching.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletic physique. Excellent swimmer, racer, climber. A Thesspiasian's four arms are nearly a match for a Wookie's two arms, but Wookie's don't constrict around their opponents.

Body Features

Four arms with clawed fingers. Prehensile tail.

Facial Features

Copious luxuriously soft facial hair. Kipo indulges in the finest hair and skin products.

Physical quirks

Kipo has had some dental work done which allows him to hide purchased venom and spit it into the air.

Special abilities

(See character sheet.)

Apparel & Accessories

Unlike most Thisspiasians, Kipo wears only a cowboy hat. He does not hide his extra arms.   Kipo carries a tricked-out 12-string guitar which can be played like two 6-string guitars. It also contains secret weapons, which will only come out if a bounty goes very, very wrong.

Specialized Equipment

Kipo has a very special friend named Jane.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For some reason, Kipo is not built for raising a family nor holding down a routine 9-to-5 job.   As a child and teen-ager Kipo's parents pushed him to develop his singing talent. Soon he was "discovered" by All-Stars Entertainment (producer of Jedi Quest(?)) and put on the child-star treadmill as a teen heart-throb under the stage name, "Danny Partridge". But that star-making machine is geared to use up stars quickly while they are still financially naïve. About the time Kipo's voice changed deeper, the pressure to perform almost constantly, taking drugs to go to sleep and to wake up, took its toll on his young heart.   Medical professionals re-started his heart, but the production company decided it was time to bet on a younger horse and drop him entirely with little savings of his own.   His few family members had their own problems now that spending Kipo's money was no longer their primary occupation, and they had to look for other jobs. Kipo left Thisspias with only one personal assistant droid, JN-66.   His appearance developed its own disguise, as his black hair had already turned grey at an unusually young age, all he had to do was stop coloring it. And his adult voice gave him no ability to hit those high notes that had made him famous, so he could then sing his own songs with no one recognizing him.   Having the personal time to think deeper into the Way of Scale, he tried to do something more significant than entertainment. On his wanderings, he met a Wookie bounty hunter named Blimcooathi who showed Kipo a respect for the profession that reduces the worst criminals faster than law enforcement officers can do. And the very act of pitting one's own strength and skill against another for a noble purpose, to force a law-breaker to comply with basic civility. He learned brawling, information gathering, and even tracking by scent from the experienced Wookie.   Now as a single folk singer and bounty hunter, he tries to find the right path: not harming himself, and stopping others who do harm to themselves or others.

Gender Identity

Kipo is as traditionally male as he can get. He has no appreciation for feminine men nor masculine women, but he tries his best not to let them know, and generally does not push his beliefs on others (except human-traffickers). Non-binary people do freak him out a bit, but like other emotional reactions, he tries to funnel it into songwriting rather than let his discomfort be visible.


Most of the time Kipo is all business, but on shore leave between jobs, he frequents touristy places and tries to draw the attention of any half-way attractive female of any specie.   Biologically, like most serpent-men, Kipo has two penises (hemipenes) hidden in his cloaca. In the animal kingdom, only one is used at a time, which doubles the frequency of a male snake's potential mating. Sentient serpent species can be much more creative with them.


Very little.


Currently self-employed as a bounty hunter.

Failures & Embarrassments

Like too much of the galactic population, Kipo is barely literate to technical terms and the inner workings of most technology. He relies on his JN-66 Analysis Droid, "Jane", to handle all his electronic money, identification, and other interfaces with modern worlds. Kipo does have a fair understanding of the devices installed in his guitar, but he does appreciate help from Jane when he tries to add a new feature.

Morality & Philosophy

Kipo follows the Thispy philosophy the Way of Scale, controlling his strong passions with his warrior code and other cultural traditions. He acknowledges his emotional reactions and funnels them into music and lyrics.   Carnivorism: Kipo believes that eating a live rodent, avian, or insect imbues a Thisspiasian with the spirit of the animal as well as being nutritional and helps one to emulate the more noble aspects of the beast. Kipo would hate to eat a youngling alive, but insists on only animals that have already lived a full life, or nearly so. The belief can be compared to reincarnation and shamanism. In this "philosophy", a lesser creature being eaten and "reincarnating" into a living Thisspiasian is considered an improvement of the creature's life as opposed to being eaten by a lower creature or dying of old age.


Musicians of all worlds are expected to be a bit quirky, and the "Singing Naked Cowboy" routine usually comes off as gimmicky, but Kipo thinks of weaponless naked bounty hunting as the pinnacle of warrior culture, even if no one else gets it.   Also, he knows eating living creatures is a taboo to most cultures, but it is a very personally meaningful custom to him.

Personality Characteristics


Kipo is motivated by the Way of Scale as a warrior code that he hopes does some good in the universe using his skills by punishing those who do harm wherever there is no significant police force.

Likes & Dislikes

Like all Thispy Thisspiasians, Kipo considers slavers and other "human-traffickers" to be the lowest form of sentient life, deserving not even the least politeness. He might even be willing to give up a bounty to bust a slaver ring.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kipo sticks to a warrior code, choosing to clean up the universe one A-hole at a time. He heavily researches any bounty he takes, insisting on knowing that the reason for the hunt is a noble one, and he tries to do no harm to anyone who is not causing significant harm.

Vices & Personality flaws

Bounty Hunting is a lonely lifestyle. Sometimes on shore leave between jobs, Kipo frequents touristy places and tries to draw the attention of any half-way attractive female of any specie (as long as that specie cannot reproduce with serpent-men without the help of science). If he is particularly lonely, he is not above paying for several minutes of pretend intimacy, but the loner lifestyle is the one he has chosen.


Kipo takes the time to keep his hair and scaly skin ready to compete in a beauty pageant. He doesn't mind showing scars and wounds, but any bruising or swelling is intolerable for him.


Contacts & Relations

Kipo's droid, JN-66, "Jane", is an assistant Analysis Droid.   Jane handles Kipo's finances, appointment calendar, and other personal affairs. When he is hunting a bounty, she records personal interviews with him and records his combat and arrests. She edits and sells the episodes as a "Reality Show" on Bounty-Net.   When Kipo is performing music, Jane reads all sound output and diagnostic information from Kipo's guitar and can apply various sound effects. She also records his performances while adding synthetic backup music and vocals to his live performance.   For a short time, Jane's repulsors can lift Kipo's weight which might get him to a rooftop or save him from a fall some day.   Jane controls four Marksman-H Training Remote Quadriphonic Stereo Drones.   The blaster arrays have been removed from these small flying balls and replaced with audio and special effects equipment. They actively deaden unwanted sounds in a area and amplify Kipo's and Jane's music, orbiting and adjusting for acoustic properties of the venue to produce the perfect sound for every seat. They can also record audience reactions to replay a live concert holographically. The Stereo Drones include a simple laser light show, theatrical smoke dispenser, and a single hardened and sharpened spike-shaped data port which can be rammed into a target like a nail-gun. Ouch. Don't mess with Jane.   With the help of the drones, Jane has excellent ability to isolate a particular sound from a loud environment and play it back.

Religious Views

See Carnivorism in Taboos, and the Way of Scale.


Much like many outworld HoloVid actors, Kipo has a deep gravelly voice, very different from his Tenor voice as a young pop singer.

Wealth & Financial state

Jane has collected a fair amount of donations from Kipo's impromptu street-corner musical performances and his bounties.   Jane knows how to access a significant amount of funds from royalties from current sales of recordings of Kipo's past concert performances as a young pop-star before an overdose ended his career, but accessing those funds might draw the attention of powerful people in the music industry who are still looking for their goose who laid the golden eggs. As much as Jane exploits Kipo's daily life to make money, they would do much worse and keep most of the profits for themselves until they again used him up.

Kipo is a Thisspiasian Jock Bounty Hunter. He enjoys wrestlin', huntin', racin', climbin', springin', drinkin', shootin', and playin' guitar. (Character Art by Chip Malinowski using and GIMP)

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Extremely self-centered (at first)
Date of Birth
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Soft Green Scales, fading yellow and brown
6' 5" tall with 15' long prehensile snake tail
120kg = 264#
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'll make you famous." (Referring to writing a song about a person.)   "Every song is a country song. Some of them just don't know it yet."   "Cleaning up the universe, one A-hole at a time."
Known Languages
Thisspiasian, Galactic Common.

Thisspiasian Images
26-5-12731 or Atunda, 26 Nelona, 12731