Spatial Relations: VN Ysadora

written by VN Ysadora's player on March 11th, 2011

General Summary

I had a date! Eleni has a GeidiGo! Life is good.


Along the border, something BLOWS UP on two Alliance cruisers and I don't know what all.


Meanwhile, going along the Vorbataille Route from Gilliana System in Cadriaan Province (where we were flunkies at a trade negotiation summit) toward Pelagon System in Pelagia Province ... the ship blows itself out of hyperspace, and everything goes dark.


Rico, Sparks, Danar Vorpadaran, Eleni, and I are now floating mostly-dead in space.


Mynocks were hidden in the personal belongings, in particular a case in House Vorpadaran colors that had held his formalwear for the trade negotiations. Restraints are black market, serial numbers etched off with acid; the etching pattern and faint aroma of the acid is usually used by Hutts. Danar was the last person to access that container, but it would've been while we were actually with him being treated to a meal before we left.




Dear Master:


Let's do lunch. Maybe a picnic lunch. Let's take Rico. And Sparks. Maybe after you guys figure out who's going to go take a serious look at the Ithorian WHATTHEHELL situation out toward Gilliana!




While the ancient Ithorian herdship is coming over to fix us, Eleni examines her possibly sabotaged landing gear, and Sparks and I go collect recyclable parts out of a derelict Imperial frigate. Looks like the Rebels attacked it, and then the Reavers came after the survivors. Danar researches the historical data on the Ithorian ship in question, and discovers that it vanished long ago -- possibly due to pirates? That might not be genuine Ithorians!


In the course of repairing the sabotaged landing gear, Eleni finds an open cylinder that had contained something from Geidi Prime called a "shit shit shit!" It is a small bot thing that is programmed to kill only one person with its poison payload; it moves very slow, it's needle-shaped, and it has a tiny repulsorlift in it.

me: Query?
Ithorian repair bots: Patience, youngling. We are doing our best.
me: Why were the selected parts removed?
Ithorian repair bots: They were needed for the docking clamps, of course.
me: What is next on the repair priority list?
Ithorian repair bots: The three derelict ships. We need the fuel. It will fuel the process. There are nearby worlds that should be healed.
me: About that. The Mismatch isn't one of the selected derelict ships, is it?
Ithorian repair bots: It does not appear to be derelict.
me: Does the Mismatch power coupling repair appear high on the repair priority list?
IRB: Not at this time.
me: Is it okay if we take this power coupling and we recycle it to make repairs?
IRB: Of course. That will disable the weapons system.
me: So we're pretty much good to recycle the entire weapons system.
me, a little later: Great, thanks! Hugs and whatnot!

I left my commlink's craptastic, fails-more-than-half-the-time "universal" translator plugged into an engineering console being repurposed by the Ithorian herdship. Maybe it'll do the galaxy more good that way.


According to info Eleni was able to gather from the destroyed shitshitshit's manufacture or something, it was after Rico because a Matres (possibly Merglin ) says he has royal blood shared unknowingly by a Count.


The tech used to conduct all of the sabotage was the victim of an Unfortunate Incinerator Incident; we managed to get the dishwasher (yet another Piotr) and his brother's family secured from Matres Merglin's access.

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11 Mar 2014
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