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Gregor's Pride

Once upon a time she was an Imperial Star Destroyer; then Tapani Sector declared independence, and she got a new name to go with the refit. Then she scared the bejebus out of a Galactic SSD, along with Home One.


She was always Angelo d'Arcy's true home. When she was captured in the Twilight, Captain d'Arcy threw every resource he could scrounge into a mission to steal her back.


She was badly damaged at the end of Crime and Punishment, left in flames when Matres Merglin kidnapped d'Arcy. But she was repaired well enough for d'Arcy's return to business on the final front line of the Tapani Civil War.


The Gregor's Pride exploded near the planet Shindra in the final conflict of the Civil War. While both sides believed that all hands had been lost, in fact d'Arcy had arranged for his dying ship to cover a full-crew infiltration of the flagship of the Tapani Confederation fleet, a nameless dreadnought, on the last day of Winter Fete, 12729.

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