Star wars: shards Federal Era begins

Federal Era begins

Era beginning/end


(( This section varies little from the official canon of the Lords of the Expanse sourcebook by Paul Sudlow and Chris Doyle. Quoted with respect and admiration. ))


Reformers, men and women from nearly all of the houses, formed a federation of Tapani planets. New government is ruled by a prime minister elected by a parliament located on Estalle Island on Procopia (the planet) in the Procopia System. Less centralized than former empire, this gov't gives the houses more direct power, especially in their own provinces.


Balance of power for the next 15 centuries shifts from one house to the next, mostly among House Vorpelagia or House Vormecetti. Several houses rose and fell in this time period, and two left the sector entirely.


Tapani joined the Republic. Republic scouts and traders open the Shapani Bypass trade route which goes through a cluster of periphery colony worlds, which break away from the houses to become the Freeworlds Territory.

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