Game of Vors

Life, Crime


Bloody battles rage along the only two hyperspace lanes between the TAPANI CONFEDERATION and the TAPANI ALLIANCE OF WORLDS. Blasted hulks drift lifeless at the edge of the four systems that sit at the front of the way: Procopia System , Barnaba System , Shindra System, and Soterios System. All four are touched directly by the conflict. None are spared.


Casualties of ships and crews become almost a blockade unto themselves. A blockade of the damned. Rumors spread from intrepid smugglers that brave the battle lines of worlds scavenging for resources in the Tapani Confederation, leaving little behind. Yet, their ships and troops still seem without number.


Meanwhile, the Reaver menace is brought to heel on Port Santiago. Those that are infected or not too far into the Reaver transformation are cured; others are dealt with mercifully and quick. Vanya Ysadora, Yeager Lexics, Captain Eleni Benacor, and Greelo continue their search to trap or pin down the elusive bounty hunter, Torana Sivron - The Blue Spider, so that they may rescue their missing companion, Khun, also known as the infamous Count Tsu Vorboccioni.

Game of Vors: Eleni Benacor
Report | Nov 25, 2019
Game of Vors: VN Ysadora
Report | Dec 25, 2019
  So many quotes, so little time ....  
What you don't understand is, I have a Force Ability. It's called "Gun Goes Boom".
Khun to the guy in the power armor demanding our surrender; Star Wars: Game of Vors, Saturday, May the Fourth, 2013

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