A Storm of Blasters

Diplomatic action


In a major offensive, the TAPANI ALLIANCE fleet strikes against the forces in the Shindra System, gateway to the TAPANI CONFEDERATION . Despite heavy losses, the ALLIANCE occupies the system. Using what few forces they have, they secure the hyperspace jump points ... for now.


Meanwhile, life has returned to a certain level of 'manageable' aboard Port Santiago in far orbit outside the Nella System. With the Solace in port and the quarantine lifted, our heroes travel back to the capital of the Tapani Alliance - Procopia System.


Little do they know that dark forces, suspicious of what our heroes may know, have taken steps against them. Steps, if successful, may cause a chain reaction that would rip apart the young Alliance at a moment when it needs unified strength the most.

Danar Vorpadaran's player hears the adventure title:

Okay! Raising Dodge!
A Storm of Blasters: VN Ysadora
Report | Oct 3, 2019

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