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ARC "Crusader" Armor

Post cryogenic freeze, members of the 257th Clone Detachment that survived both civil wars began to seek out their own place in the galaxy. Some found acceptance in splinter Mandalorian clans. Others formed Mandalorian clan or minor Tapani houses of their own. Many set aside their infamous, and recognizable, armor for more modern technology. Often of a Tapani knight or Mandalorian design.
I've heard people ask me why I still have my "old ARC armor". Trust me, it only looks old 'cause I'm a sucker for nostalgia. The rest is anything but old. I've a pile of scavenged parts from surplus Tapani knight armor as proof of that.
— Captain Rico Vorysadora, TC-512
However, a handful of the survivors carved a different path. To them, their lineage was based on their experiences from both Kamino, Mandalore, and Tapani. This drove them to create their own fledgling culture of “ARC clans”, named so for the founders who were some of the surviving ARC troopers of the 257th.
The blend of cultures and traditions came with a need for something unique. Symbols they could call their own. Taking inspiration from their Mandalorian roots, and a suggestion from the former ARC Captain, Razak, the ARC clans fashioned their own armor style.
That became the ARC "Crusader" armor, or Advanced Recon Commando Crusader armor.
This armor contains a blend of modern technologies in the Mandalorian mindset blended with the tactics of the Tapani warrior "Vor" culture and the logic-minded Kaminoans. The appearance bears strong relationship to the ARC trooper, Phase 2 armor with Mandalorian plate layering techniques in the armor's construction.
This armor is listed in armory catalogs as Phase or “Mark” 3 of ARC Armor as it is heavily inspired by the Phase 2 version.
The color of trim denotes the 'House' or family within a particular ARC clan. Likewise the armor will contain on it the symbol of the particular ARC clan it's associated with. As with both Tapani and Mandalorian traditions, the armor is expected to be handed down from parent to child.
The armor is intended to be a symbol for the wearer, their family and relations. It isn't intended to be a symbol to be known the galaxy over, like Galactic Empire Stormtrooper armor. The symbol of Crusader armor is more of a 'personal' nature that way. Anything else depends on what the wearer is up to... and gets caught doing.
— Dr. Ruk V'dora, retired clone lieutenant
Item type
Subtype / Model
Rare as it is typically only worn by a member of an ARC clan.
Base Price
Not for sale. (Black Market Price 25,000 credits)


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