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originally appeared in Shards of Infamy 2.06: Six Shot's the Charm

He -- Vader is definitely a he -- was for sale at a large auction of questionable legality, run by Rogga the Hutt, in the Danju System. He is a former police cruiser.


Greelo fell in love with him at first sight, in that universal way some people fall in love with a particular car or speederbike or starfighter or capital ship. In the long run, that is bound to be an interesting relationship: Vader, as a former cop, is very strongly in favor of Laws, and Regulations, and Protecting the Citizens, and Pursuing Those Who Flaunt the Law. Greelo is ... fond of chasing whatever runs away. And defeating whatever tries to defend itself. And sneaking up on the insufficiently wary.


(Dizzy has bet her sisters Maia and Yvette a holiday dinner that in less than ten years, Greelo and Vader will have found common ground as pirate-hunters.)


The crew of the Banana Republic might suspect that Vader fell in a much less platonic sort of love with Morticia after working in tandem for a few months.

RPG Datasheet

+3d Maneuverability
Fire Control 3d+2
Dual linked turbo lasers, 5D damage apiece


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