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Cenvex Etowa

Cenvex Etowa is a smuggler, thief, an outstanding pilot, and someone who knows bad luck all too well.   After a series of profitable runs for the Mining Guild, Cenvex took on a side job to smuggle small crate of minerals for a woman named Aola. It was just one crate, and the money for the run would be a small boost to his account.   One run became two, then Cenvex found himself working for Rogga the hutt. But the runs were still profitable and he managed his work with the Mining Guild just fine.   Then, when he was about to be boarded by the Galactic Star Empire, he found that his crates of elerite were hiding several units of Streytine Spice. After dumping the cargo then getting released from Star Imperial custody, he reported back to Rogga, who took his eyes as 'payment' for the loss. These were replaced with droid eyes to allow Cenvex to repay Rogga for his debt.


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