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Dizzy Flores

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Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa

Character Points
Force Points
Dark Side Points

Force Sensitive

0 - Healthy
Current Wounds
3D +2

Blaster Artillery
Missile Weapons
Vehicle Blasters
Melee Combat4D
Melee Parry4D


Blaster: Repeating Blaster6D+1
Blaster: DC-175D+2
Melee Combat: Vibroknife5D+2


2D +2




Planetary Systems
Alien Species


Cultures: Beskar Aran3D+2



Climbing / Jumping4D



Capital Ship Gunnery
Repulsorlift Operation4D
Starship Gunnery
Beast Riding3d+1



Blaster Repair
Armor Repair3d+2
First Aid5d


Martial Arts

Punch, Kick, Disarm, Blind Fighting


ARC Armor
Item | Feb 3, 2019

(red trim)

Item | Feb 3, 2019

Utility Belt:
High tension wire

Grappling Hook

Ion Flares

Rations and Water packs


Vibroknife (STR+1d)



Medisensor Glove ( +2D first aid / Medicine and related skills)

Notes, Story Factors, and Misc Information

Dizzy slagged her Light Repeating Blaster as part of her effort to break out of a containment cell. It had a damage code of (5d+1).

Character sheet updated after the conclusion of Web of Silar Mins to add 8 CP and 1 FP, which I have not yet spent.


Sun 18th Aug 2019 11:25

OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript

by Dizzy Flores

Dear GM:

I started with 51 CP.
  • Blaster: DC-17 spends 5 points, goes from "5D+2" to "6D+0"

  • Con (the art of LYING SO MUCH) spends 3 points, goes from "3D+1" to "3D+2"

  • Tactics spends 5 points, goes from "5D+1" to "5D+2"

  • Communications spends 4 points, goes from "4D" to "4D+1"

  • Armor Repair spends 3 points, goes from "3D+2" to "4D+0"

I have spent a total of 20 points so I now have 31 CP.
  • I would like to pick up the new-to-me skill of Persuasion so I spend 2 points, and add to my character sheet "Persuasion 3D+0" under my Perception attribute.

That leaves me with 29 CP. Plenty for planning my wedding!

Things our characters still have on their to-do list:
  1. Hired by Emperor Eric "Monnk" Terrek to rescue people of the Mechanis Empire. These people were stolen by Dorad Mesfaw a.k.a. fake!Silar Mins to turn into Panther Shapeshifter Slaves. We've got some of the people aboard the Banana Republic! But we may need to hunt down a few more. We won't know 'til we do a head count.

  2. We need to ACTUALLY RETURN these people to their home world of Mechis II.

  3. It is relevant to Mom Mar Jani's interests that we also undo what Dorad Mesfaw did.

  4. It is relevant to Vader's interests that we extract from Mesfaw what all happened to Morticia, so that she has the option of returning herself to a shuttle-type body.

  5. If we do not actually present the Chentavari Zoo and Conservation Station to Emperor Gregor Vortapani of the Tapani Empire, there is a non-zero chance that Dizzy Flores will not merely be yanked off her Leave of Absence in order to experience Demotions and possibly a Dishonorable Discharge, but in fact she might be put on trial for a capital crime.

  6. Which would absolutely have a negative impact on Dizzy's WEDDING

  7. We can't have a wedding unless we return to Vath's vicinity, because we can't get married via holotransmission. That would be tacky.

  8. Rushlight has been learning things about The Wind which might benefit from discussion with a learned colleague. None of us are educated in spooky action at a distance.

  9. Arrawtha and Carmen are a thing. Does Family Matriarch Iwa have things to say on this topic?

  10. Let's play a game between adventures: find, and list in a single place, all the mentions in all 3 campaigns of "Jack Legrange" a.k.a. "Jacques LeGrange" a.k.a. "Zel Gellanis" a.k.a. "Gel Rhomas" a.k.a. ????
Dizzy Flores's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7
    Telona 10th, 12731
  2. We aren't getting shot yet!
    Telona 10th, 12731
    12731 4 11
  4. My Leet Baking Skills
    Telona 13, 12731
  5. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal
    12731 4 13
  6. Private War setup
    12731 4 13
  7. Private War Throwdown
    12731 4 13
  8. Buckets On
    Telona 13th, 12731
  9. Who invited them?
    Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  10. Powdered Sage
    Natunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  11. The Door Into Shadow
    Atunda, Telona 16th, 12731
  12. OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript
    12731 4 17

The major events and journals in Dizzy Flores's history, from the beginning to today.

My Leet Baking Skills

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 16[/right] [h2]Previously:[/h2] [articleblock:b757d852-b954-46d4-a3c3-8f1911b3250c] [ul][li]We rescued my Mom.[/li] [li]We captured fake!Silar Mins.[/li] [li]We almost got et by Creepy Sorta Sith Lord Bloo...

01:41 am - 25.05.2019

Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal

Goes great in caf! One of my functions on this crew is to make the Priority List for @82fe1bd1-09af-4da9-b4f6-c7bc3f781fc5 to review. So here we have: # the Banana Republic has taken some damage. We need to scan systems AND visually confirm the hu...

11:50 pm - 08.06.2019

Private War setup

[right]Year: 12731[/right] [right]Month: 4[/right] [right]Day: 13[/right] It would be SO GREAT if we could just, you know, HAVE A PLAN as we get slowly surrounded by unknowns which might be hostile. So. Great. Maybe with a little more dign...

02:05 am - 09.06.2019

Private War Throwdown

[right]Year: 12731[/right] [right]Month: 4[/right] [right]Day: 13[/right] The Bloodsmiths blowing up the back two thirds of their ship did not help them. We figured out they were in their anti-corrosive evac suits and trying to sneak away. Greelo...

04:30 am - 09.06.2019

Buckets On

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 13[/right] Zyrtec (that's probably not his name, but I'll figure that out later) wants to have a meeting in his brig cell with @Iwa(person). She wants me to be bucket on, recording, playing bodyguard. All ...

12:00 am - 07.07.2019

Who invited them?

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 13[/right] We are being attacked from three different sides! There are Reavers all over the place! Whose idea was THIS?!? In fact, it turns out that it was some @[Bloodsmith Raiders](organization:5b733bf1-5...

12:36 am - 21.07.2019

Powdered Sage

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 15[/right] @[Iwa](person:f1074781-39fe-40d8-9077-d50d500eb5eb) wants a means to put the fear of Iwa into fake!Silar Mins, so I looked up Squibs in the Holopedia. Their "fur" is an olfactory organ. I suggest ca...

11:28 pm - 03.08.2019

The Door Into Shadow

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 16[/right] Carmen and I are trying to have a nice private catch-up while on patrol of the "hospital" and grounds. @[Rushlight](person:5ea5563b-80de-441f-8a22-8358f6e7293f) is INCREDIBLY UPSET about the "Tri...

01:25 am - 18.08.2019

Fallen in Combat

DZ takes a blaster bolt to the side of the helmet and immediately goes down -- unconscious? dead?

03:00 am - 18.08.2019

stimpacks mean RESPAWN

I'm up again!

03:55 am - 18.08.2019

OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript

[h4]Dear GM:[/h4] I started with 51 CP. [ul][li]Blaster: DC-17 spends [b]5 points[/b], goes from "5D+2" to "6D+0"[/li] [li]Con (the art of LYING SO MUCH) spends [b]3 points[/b], goes from "3D+1" to "3D+2"[/li] [li]Tactics spends [b]5 points[/b], ...

10:15 pm - 18.08.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Dizzy Flores.

Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa