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Dizzy Flores

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Shards of Infamy

Run by Jarissa
Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa

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Character Points
Force Points
Dark Side Points

Force Sensitive

0 - Healthy
Current Wounds
3D +2

Blaster Artillery
Missile Weapons
Vehicle Blasters
Melee Combat4D
Melee Parry4D


Blaster: Repeating Blaster6D+1
Blaster: DC-175D+2
Melee Combat: Vibroknife5D+2


2D +2




Planetary Systems
Alien Species


Cultures: Beskar Aran3D+2



Climbing / Jumping4D



Capital Ship Gunnery
Repulsorlift Operation4D
Starship Gunnery
Beast Riding3d+1



Blaster Repair
Armor Repair3d+2
First Aid5d


Martial Arts

Punch, Kick, Disarm, Blind Fighting


ARC Armor
Item | Feb 3, 2019

(red trim)

Item | Feb 3, 2019

Utility Belt:
High tension wire

Grappling Hook

Ion Flares

Rations and Water packs


Vibroknife (STR+1d)



Medisensor Glove ( +2D first aid / Medicine and related skills)

Notes, Story Factors, and Misc Information
Dizzy slagged her Light Repeating Blaster as part of her effort to break out of a containment cell. It had a damage code of (5d+1).


Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731

Who invited them?

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 13

We are being attacked from three different sides!
There are Reavers all over the place!
Whose idea was THIS?!?
In fact, it turns out that it was some Bloodsmith Raiders' idea, particularly one Malus Jaidev. Greelo says there's a good bounty on that guy, so I hope we get highlight reel of him blowing up while very close to some Reaver ships.
Greelo wields the docking bay tractor beam to good effect while I fire the ion cannon at our incoming and Rushlight whittles down the Reavers going at the ship which Cenvex, Iwa, Zadra, and the last batch of rescuees are on.
Also also, Rushlight's droid Pepe is supposed to shoot the other Leggy Macaroon down below our plane of combat.
The Bloodsmith Raiders broadcast emergency calls. They are getting boarded by Reavers. I am, you know, unsympathetic. Bloodsmith Raiders do slavery, they steal body parts (okay, some of those are tinny body parts) and implant them in their own bodies, and now we find out they also CLONE some of their slaves and do GENETIC MODIFICATIONS on them.
In the distance, the Nightsisters do not broadcast emergency calls but they are suddenly busy with their own Reaver attacks.
A bunch more Reavers suddenly activate at once, all around us . . . this feels like an old Separatist tactic. There has to be something coordinating, that can broadcast activation commands in a cone shape onto the entire plane of combat at once. Two directions would work, "up" and "down" form our current position; I look up.
There's a macaroon!
It's actually a probe droid the size of a damned starfighter which is certainly not ideal.
I shoot it with the ion cannon until my handle gets warm!
That stops it, though not necessarily the activated Reavers, but then a bunch of Spartan Imperium fighters are here, including at least one full-on SSD, and Zadra says the Spartans work with a faction of her species called the "Krathax" who are all a very big problem. She wants to leave. Right now.
I just told the blue-furred Cathar Admiral Toru Nhamal Hunitar of the Spartan Imperium that the Banana Republic and the "leviathan" and the shuttle on which Iwa is, are all my mission group to recover people taken by the Bloodsmith Raiders, that I acquired and "repurposed" the leviathan "for the greater good".
And who would not believe Captain Dizzy Vorysadora? She's so PRECISE and CALM and GENUINE and STRAIGHTFORWARD and BUSINESSLIKE.
So Mom and I and Morticia run to Vader who transports us over to the Aw'akeen ship, allowing there to be organics "running" the ship in case we get scanned. Meanwhile, Greelo and Badly Injured Jangir Toth and Rushlight are now searching the ship for fake!Silar Mins and the Bloodsmith Raiders who had been locked in the brig until we had that POWER BLINK during the fight.

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 15

Two days later! We have had FOOD and also SLEEP and indeed SHOWERS, possibly even CLOTHING CLEANING :)
Now we are at the Chentavari Plex and Rushlight is going on and on and on about somebody called "Triune". :shrug:
This is not getting us into the rescue.
Rushlight finds out that fake!Silar is probably responsible for a portal opening and "Triune" coming through and that's what lead the Bloodsmith Raiders to this ancient Aw'akeen communications station.

Dizzy Flores's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7
    Telona 10th, 12731
  2. We aren't getting shot yet!
    Telona 10th, 12731
    12731 4 11
  4. My Leet Baking Skills
    Telona 13, 12731
  5. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal
    12731 4 13
  6. Private War setup
    12731 4 13
  7. Private War Throwdown
    12731 4 13
  8. Buckets On
    Telona 13th, 12731
  9. Who invited them?
    Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731

The major events and journals in Dizzy Flores's history, from the beginning to today.

My Leet Baking Skills

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 16[/right] [h2]Previously:[/h2] [articleblock:b757d852-b954-46d4-a3c3-8f1911b3250c] [ul][li]We rescued my Mom.[/li] [li]We captured fake!Silar Mins.[/li] [li]We almost got et by Creepy Sorta Sith Lord Bloo...

01:41 am - 25.05.2019

Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal

Goes great in caf! One of my functions on this crew is to make the Priority List for @82fe1bd1-09af-4da9-b4f6-c7bc3f781fc5 to review. So here we have: # the Banana Republic has taken some damage. We need to scan systems AND visually confirm the hu...

11:50 pm - 08.06.2019

Private War setup

[right]Year: 12731[/right] [right]Month: 4[/right] [right]Day: 13[/right] It would be SO GREAT if we could just, you know, HAVE A PLAN as we get slowly surrounded by unknowns which might be hostile. So. Great. Maybe with a little more dign...

02:05 am - 09.06.2019

Private War Throwdown

[right]Year: 12731[/right] [right]Month: 4[/right] [right]Day: 13[/right] The Bloodsmiths blowing up the back two thirds of their ship did not help them. We figured out they were in their anti-corrosive evac suits and trying to sneak away. Greelo...

04:30 am - 09.06.2019

Buckets On

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 13[/right] Zyrtec (that's probably not his name, but I'll figure that out later) wants to have a meeting in his brig cell with @Iwa(person). She wants me to be bucket on, recording, playing bodyguard. All ...

12:00 am - 07.07.2019

Who invited them?

[right]Year: 12731[br] Month: 4[br] Day: 13[/right] We are being attacked from three different sides! There are Reavers all over the place! Whose idea was THIS?!? In fact, it turns out that it was some @[Bloodsmith Raiders](organization:5b733bf1-5...

12:36 am - 21.07.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Dizzy Flores.

Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa