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Storytelled by Kummer Wolfe














POWERS (* linked)


Power Name:


FC and Notes


Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent:


FC 4; Dice




FC 1; Dice


Damage Transference:


FC 5; Auto; always takes one minute; make a roll {APs healed vs Int/Mind}, RAPs become damage sustained by user


Directional Hearing:


FC 3; Auto; doesn’t increase distance of hearing, just pinpoints origin within range




FC 4; Dice; Area Effect (one eighth of a mile)


Extra Limb (tail):


FC 4; Auto


Mind over Matter:


FC 1; Auto; drop unconscious at end of APs of time even if Recovered above 0




FC 8; Auto (but Recovery Checks are Dice Actions)




FC 1; Auto





Empathy has the Area Effect Bonus, with Range limited if she is not using Teamwork



SKILLS (* linked)


Skill Name (subskills):


FC and Notes


Acrobatics* (all):


FC 5; Dice; links to Dex


Charisma* (Intimidate):


FC 2; Dice; links to Infl


Charisma (Persuade):


FC 5; Dice


Military Science (Cartography, Danger Recognition, Field Command, Tracking):


FC 6; Dice


Scientist (Analysis):


FC 4; Dice


Thief* (Escape Artist, Stealth):


FC 2; Dice





Iron Nerves

+2 CS to my OV/RV vs Aura of Fear, Phobia, or any Intimidation attempt



may automatically transfer her own Hero Points in any amount desired to any member of a team which she commands. Transferred HP can be used for anything except character growth.


Lightning Reflexes

+2 to Initiative (already added)


Physics Scholar

-2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for Laws of Physics (theory)



(Gesture Code visual language)



(French / better at listening or reading than she is at speaking, and her accent is weird)


Sharp Eye

-1 CS to OV of Perception Checks





Distinctive Appearance

obviously nonhuman but not necessarily causing a fearful reaction; +1 CS to OV when trying to use Persuasion and -1 CS to OV when trying to Intimidate


Minor Irrational Fear

when first confronted with any laboratory, or the Infinity Incorporated logo; must roll greater than/equal to 5 to overcome my fear and interact normally, otherwise run away or cower


Minor Rage

mindless killing attack on roll of less than/equal to 3; to regain composure, must roll greater than/equal to 11



NPCs, especially strangers who are Heroes or law enforcement, and the general public are automatically Hostile


Serious Irrational Attraction

to destroying the director of the project who mutated the II victims; must roll greater than/equal to 11 to continue with whatever I’d been doing


Traumatic Flashbacks

when triggered, roll greater than/equal to 11 or frozen; triggered by being in a biolab




Guidance Counselor (on unpaid FEMA leave)




3 ( Appox Annual Income : $10,000) ( Appox Annual Income : $12,000,000,000)







  • Jarissa is a mutate who spent years on the run from Infinity Inc. Recently she and some of her peers decided to declare war on the villain organization, with a minimum goal of making I.I. prefer to stay away from them and a possible goal of destroying I.I. for good.
  • Some of the II mental programming is still in place, despite a good bit of professional therapy. A lot of this mental programming was based in pure theory, and is therefore buggy. Rissa knows she has a death wish; she has it about 98% under control. She also usually knows when she needs to ask a teammate to make judgment calls on her behalf. Usually.
  • Jarissa has a Lost Family Member subplot that makes her very quiet and sad every early April.
  • Feral's archnemesis is Stirge.
  • Feral has a complicated camaraderie/antagonistic relationship with part-time villain Puma a.k.a. David Ironhorse. She introduced him to the rest of Wyldfire as "my ex-boyfriend" which was a blatant lie, and she is incredibly entertained that he did not call it out for the lie it is. Puma thinks that all of Wyldfire is the weirdest thief crew on the planet.
  • Feral has PTSD from her time in Mr. Sinister’s control. She has violent reactions to anything that a quick glance might interpret as the pronged control boxes, or something being attached to another person’s back.
    Like the Drawback “Psychological Instability”, the PTSD is triggered by rolling double ones on any Dice Action. Also like “Psychological Instability”, a Character undergoing the PTSD must experience this effect and is not subject to any form of powered assistance (Exorcism, Recovery, burning Hero Points, et cetera). The full effect will last 10 APs of time — however, that includes coming down off the PTSD episode. If the Character makes a Will/Will roll (must roll at least an 11), she can begin sorting reality from her perceptions again, calming down; but she will spend the rest of her “full effect” period exhausted and on edge. Reduce all subsequent Int and Will checks by -2 Column shifts. An ally can make a Persuasion attempt as a Teamwork effort to help the Character succeed in her Will roll.
    (This is a Subplot because it is not a permanent Disadvantage. It will be removed at the conclusion of the Subplot.)
  • Rissa was not able to speak for a while after her rescue. She had scar tissue around her spine, between her shoulder blades, that kept the signals from the speech center of her brain from getting to her vocal cords and mouth. When she tried to talk, unintelligible noises came out, plus it hurt a lot. Dr. Steven Reynolds surgically corrected the damage, removing the scar tissue under controlled conditions. Dr. Don Blake has worked with Rissa on physical therapy to recover normal muscle activity in the muscles around her spinal column and the speech-related muscles.
    Rissa can talk now. She is out of the habit of doing so, and often drops words or switches to non-verbal communication instead. Caffeine helps.
    She can write. Her handwriting is pretty bad, and she will skip any words she thinks she can possibly leave out, but that is a feline eyesight problem that she has always had, not a result of Mr. Sinister’s control mechanisms.




Benchmark <span class="attr_bench">(based on current attributes above)</span>

DEX (Dexterity)
This is a superhuman level of agility. The individual can dodge high velocity projectiles such as arrows and bullets aimed with moderate effort.

STR (Strength)
The individual has exceptional human strength. Lifting range: 400-800 pounds.

BODY (Body)
The individual can withstand the greatest amount of physical damage humanly possible. They possess an exceptional resistance to fatigue.

INT (Intelligence)
The individual has the ability to process information on the level of an industrious college student.

WILL (Willpower)
This individual has exceptional self-discipline and can remain calm and rational during a crisis.

MIND (Mind)
This person has the mental fortitude to continue normal activities even in persistently painful or stressful situations, such as those experienced by hardened soldiers.

INFL (Influence)
This individual's personality is strong enough to attract the attention of leaders and citizens of many separate nations.

AURA (Aura)
This individual has a mystique capable of affecting the opinions of people across a nation. This person could gain loyalty and respect upon appearance.

SPIRIT (Spirit)
This person is so secure in his or her beliefs that he or she is willing to die for them.

August 18, 2009

8.18.09 pt 2: DPS

by Feral

Doc heads back out through the airlock, going for the "Master Control Bell". Which is good, because (wait for it)
I pull the grounding wire on the panel of the controls for the magnetic bottle and the person-sized Stargate. Lights go out. SG starts to pulse and the whole cylinder thing starts to sink. Techs at stations start flipping out about emergency shutdowns activated.
Pounce on the one closest to me, knocking forward to bang head and stun. Reach forward, claw left shoulderblade area on 2nd tech to disable left arm.
(here it is) Berry Smuckers tells the albino meta to "take care of whatever is in here". Which would be me. He activates a remote control and then crushes it. Then he starts heading for the airlock.
Outside, Heavies are doing something about a cave and canisters and a motor pool and a bell. Which might not be the Master Control Bell, I would be thinking if I had time to think.
Doc catches up with them. He will try to manipulate the controls for the Bell while the Heavies keep enemy forces fully occupied.
I send the 3rd tech to go over to the console I had depowered while I try to talk the albino into helping shut it down, and he tries to ... stall? I dunno.
But the coolant is leaking from below and the Stargate is growing and the magnetic bottle is wobbly. And then Captain America and Berry Jelly come in in full grappling combat, wrassling and punching and weaving and rolling. Exasperated, I reach in and grab Jelly by the pseudo-uniform tunic and lift him up to the level of the expansion from the Stargate. Jelly is happy to be in the way of the incoming wave, it's apparently his escape plan? He tases me and tries to tase Cap. In return I clench my paw to puncture both of his lungs right before he vanishes into the multiverse.
I can feel myself graying out from pain. I send Cap down to do something about the electromagnet with OUT getting close enough to fry. Or touching the water. Or any other stupid ass thing. I tell the albino guy to twist the warp into a Moebius strip so it will direct itself inward.
I hear footsteps behind me. Someone is coming running. One of my team?
And then I drop.

Feral's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

The major events and journals in Feral's history, from the beginning to today.

Breakfast in the Alps

This morning I had breakfast with one of my sister's .... teammates? Fellow knights? Umm. I am going to go with "SGmates", short for "supergroup mates" . . . . . . which sounds really dumb now that I try to say it. Type it. Whatever. I have ha...

12:57 am - 16.05.2019

Officially Official Burning

Captain America is here. With friends. He wants us to go burn up blueprints owned by some Black Order people. Fine okay, but first, NO HAMMER...

02:14 am - 18.05.2019

Officially Official Burning v 2.0

Captain America is here. With friends. He wants us to go burn up blueprints owned by some Black Order people. Fine okay, but first, NO HAMMER Uhh. Thunderstrike's eyes are sparking. And he is wearing this ... sorta ... armor. On his arms and hands. But...

02:54 am - 18.05.2019


Doc heads back out through the airlock, going for the "Master Control Bell". Which is good, because (wait for it) I pull the grounding wire on the panel of the controls for the magnetic bottle and the person-sized Stargate. Lights go out. SG starts to...

07:21 am - 18.05.2019

New teammate

The albino who was reshaping the warp field is now a member of Wyldfire. He did good. We should find out what his name is.

07:57 am - 18.05.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Feral.