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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He ought to be easy to spot

by Feral

We need to find Amythyst -- he called for support on whatever he is currently facing.

Amythyst is tall. And a bright shiny purple crystalline guy.

He ought not be hard to locate. Right?

Especially in an underwater base?


This plan is blown before we even get out into the north hallway.

My fault.

I told Dr. B to trace the pipes that Dr. Zee's concoction drained down, find out where the concoction went.

He ran into the airlock and triggered it to cycle.

Without a breath mask or an oxy tank.

Is he under the influence of Dr. Zee's goop gas?

Feral to Dr. A: "How fast can you swim?"

Adel Urda-Na: "In this temp??? No clue"

As we rummage through the cabinets for emergency supplies, Dr. A collected an emergency mask and oxy tank for herself plus a second set for Dr. B. I suggested that she take a third tank to use for an underwater jet. It won't last long, but it will get her some momentum.

I also picked up a "compass" off one of the defeated AIM goons. It has a glowing indicator pointed southwest -- probably aimed at their submarine. It seems to me like this is a good idea to tuck into Dr. A's sleeve. At minimum, she'll know where the largest concentration of "additional trouble" is currently located.

Adel Urda-Na: "Not a bad idea. What do you think about heading to the sub instead of coming back here?? Might be able to use that in some way"

Feral looks outside briefly. "Closer in an emergency. But it will be another fight. You have a waterproof bag for the tappy-tappy?"

Adel Urda-Na: "More there?? Why can't anything be easy?"

Feral: "If it was easy, they wouldn't need us to show up."

Adel Urda-Na: "Not a good answer."

Feral shrugs.

Feral: "I mean. I don't go on the jobs to stalk a target and photograph their business contacts. Any clerk can do that."

Adel Urda-Na: "I'm a doctor - not a superhero"

We continue to be unhappy with Dr. B's situation even as it becomes more apparent that he did choose to maybe-drown himself, doing "find out if my mom made sure I have the Asgardian water-breathing biology fully functional" in the God-awfullest manner, and not because he was drugged and manipulated into a risk of dubious consent. Dr. A several times has critical commentary in regard to her boyfriend's thinking.

Feral: "My husband does not do crap like this."

moment of thoughtful hesitation

Feral, grumbling: "Best friend does, though."


I can predict exactly how my eventual debrief is going to go:

The boss: "Feral, do you remember what your highest priority assignment was for this job?"

Feral, scuffing floor and twisting her tail in her hands: " ... keep the three doctors alive ... "

The boss: "So your plan for rescuing Dr. Blake was...?"

Feral: "... rig a jetpack on Dr. A and send her after Dr. B ... "

The boss: "And this would work because?"

Feral, scuffing floor with other foot: "... two doctors in one spot means twice as much chaos ... "


Medkit is being hauled back into the east hallway as part of "retreat for additional protection" by the Oscorp Protector. Agent El tipped me off that two more opposition personnel are in that hallway. I should scoot around the long way, fast and low, to ambush from the side.

A tall, not-human-looking white person (guy?) is here, probably late twenties, going through a lot of anger and self-hatred.

And communicating via telepathy.

And melting to look like me.

Aaaaaaaaaaand from the east end's chamber, more AIM troops arrive.

Great. Just great.


Ajax Balthazar McGee

— he's shouting his own name into the building like he's on WWE

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