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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Historically, H.E. "Warwolves" are feline.

by Feral

AIMing to MIsbehave: Chapter 6

| Nov 5, 2022

The heroes open negotiations with one of the most ruthless criminal organizations in the world to strike a deal on how to corral AIM, meanwhile, Team Luthor's web of danger closes in!


November 10


about 5:00 pm

Historically, Hammer Empire "Warwolves" (the military-ish formation, or maybe it's a rank, I have not asked) have been feline.

More accurately: they're limited shapeshifter metahumans. They started off as highly trained humans, they got genetic therapy of the not-really-medically-advisable variety as designed by a twerp who calls himself Stirge, they gained the unpleasant capacity to rearrange some internal systems in a manner I have learned to call "shifting up to 'combat form'" where they have digigrade limbs, elongated jawlines and relocated topside ears, and

(much to my surprise the first time around)


All of it modeled after panthera pardis, mostly orientalis.

Not a coincidence.

Stirge got a hefty chunk of the DNA for this godawful idea from that time he had me tied to a gurney in Gotham.

What might be less broadly known among the Hammers is that their shifting came from a different felinoid product of the Company: Puma. Or maybe they do all know, but have yet to mention it to their occasional hangout buddy himself.

I dunno. I have yet to ask. I never cared.

Guess maybe I am about to ask.

I have been fairly certain for about five years now that a certain catboy has never figured this out for himself. I imagined that either he would trip over the info someday, in which case maybe he would stop thinking of that twerp Stirge as a buddy; or else he would set me up with entirely too fun an opportunity to explain.

Striker's opening info:

AIM has found one of our storehouses and seems to be treating it as their personal shopping mall. They've been taking things such as our covatrinium. We would like them to stop stealing our supplies for their own projects.


They had opportunity to steal sensors, which they may have taken this time because that's about all that's left.


We have QR Code trackers on the crates of covatrinium ingots. An interested party let us know that a camera caught one of our QR codes leaving Suicide Slum in the possession of a motorcyclist in a canary yellow helmet.

- "Striker", canine Warwolf

The plan is to have associates of Wyldfire impersonate the one team of AIM flunkies. Ambush the pickup team by "delivering" materials. Replace those in order to infiltrate Grimm's workplace.

There is no fire in this plan so far. The HE are on board, at least as far as it goes.


In front of a green background, a male figure wears a mottled green and black close-fitting suit. The figure's head is a large yellow pumpkin, very round. One carved eye and a line that might be the start of a jack-o-lantern grin are
by Jarissa via Craiyon

Yeah, I'm going to need to take my medication as soon as we're safely out of this garage.

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