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August 20, 2009

8.20.09: Interdimensional job hopping supervillain

by Feral

I explained to Wyldfire about my miscarriage in 2004 and now here is my little girl. I could have been hallucinating/off my meds, but Blackjack sees her too. (I did not tell them about her teleporting us. If they did not see it, they can figure it out later.) I thought it might be Doc's father, but no. Savannah's parents were murdered by Mr. Sinister and her escape wound up putting her with Evil Dr. Don.
Savannah has told us about

  1. Dr. Solomon Grundy the Evil Gadgeteer

  2. several people in black uniforms always around Dr. Grundy

  3. They have a gadget for traveling across realities

  4. Dr. Don (evil) is looking for a thing that is not quite right so far

  5. also Dr. Don (evil) is looking for 2 people in particular

  6. oh and Scivias (evil)

  7. and and Devanna Hawk

Doc is taking phone pics of the castle here, now that the Black Order trash has been taken down.
The main hall is warm and comfortable. It does not have a drafty feel. They ahve LED lanterns on the wall, giving plenty of light.

Dr. Oliver DeClerk is in charge of the medbay. Doc Reynolds finds that "Don in a coma" is a perfect match for our Don Blake except that his DNA is in constant flux, and includes Kryptonian and Atlantean and some other kind of DNA in addition to human.
And in the next bed, awake, is (a) Puma. Who looks a whole lot like a close relative of Thunderstrike. And when I subvocalize to get my hunting partner's attention, his answering subvocalization is not quite what I expect. He calls me "Princess" instead of "molly". He says his human name is David Ironhorse ... and his Atlantean name is Brodir ... and he's female-Thunderstrike's uncle. And has his own hammer. And does the lightning. And
I want my mate.
I back up away from the medbay, a few steps at a time, as my nerve slowly fails me, as the people in the medbay do "SCIENCE!"
Which results in Coma Don teleporting to that other room with the pulsing blue-white glow, on the other side of the castle.
Iiiiii guess I gotta go rescue him.
If I do not go too fast, Wyldfire will catch up with me and then I do not have to deal with vanishing again.
This is a natural cavern full of 1) crystals and 2) equipment-free stargates that open and close themselves.
And in the middle is Coma Don, still surrounded by a bluish glow, floating about a foot off the ground.
After a moment he slowly stops glowing and settles down onto the ground.
Thunderstrike picks him up and brings him back to the medbay and puts him on the bed.
Blackjack tells Thunderstrike that Blackjack cannot make that phone call for him. Not because of "no bars", but because the signal is being jammed!
1) Amythyst is going to be shown the Quantum Bell by Sebastian from MAGI and secure it from impending attack
2) Doc R is going to figure out how to protect his 2 patients, Don and Brodir, who he knows are going to be special targets of the invaders.
Doc R cannot have Thunderstrike because 3) Thunderstrike is going to be First Line of Defense
4) Gravitar, tag team with Captain America. Go up in this castle.
Find whoever is trynna come in through the belfry. Or chimney. Or whatever.
Punch them a lot.
5) Savannah, go hide in the room with the villagers, where you will not be expected
:castle rumbles as someone smashes the front door in:
6) Someone kill that alarm please.
7) Blackjack and I will be ambush predators
There's noisy fights going on in the front of the castle (Thunderstrike vs Evil Scivias) and near the rear (Amythyst vs Dr. Grundy) and probably up at the heights of the castle (Cap and Gravitar vs whoever) so Blackjack and I sneak down to the subterranean levels of the castle. We encounter five or six not-people that move like people (robots?) and two people -- a third came up and told them something about the medbay and left again. We get into combat with them but suddenly they all vanish, just melt away, all of them.
I grab for Blackjack, eyes wide and terror racing through me. We hear echoes of a woman's laughter, and I feel the aftereffects of Broadcast Empathy....

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