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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's not be Fred.

by Feral

You remember what happened to Fred, right?

Let's not be Fred.

— unknown Oscorp employee to an "upgradeable" co-worker with a deep gravelly voice

I've made it to a sub-basement area. The walls here are hardened.
Hidden Sub-basement layer

This is going to be An Issue.
Detected thus far: at least 2 (bored) security guards, probably on duty in mid-shift.
Video scan of first room sent to team. I know there's a rotating camera above the entrance pointed into the room. It pauses for AI identification routine every time it centers on one of the two security guards. That tells me the camera is not being monitored continuously by a human, which helps, but I can't count on it to be true once I disable the camera.
I will wait a bit before I disable the camera.
I get myself under the security desk just south of the central entry channel.
One of the wonks from upstairs -- scientist? technician? -- gets escorted downstairs by 2 security for having had a reaction to the vaccination. He protests. He reacts as though he thinks he will get fired, or possibly have something truly horrific happen to him.
When they open the iris door on the east wall, I get a look in the main room for this level.
One of the missing New Yorker patients is floating in a tank in that room.
There are a number of probable-hostiles in there.
Getting them out of there is going to be A Significant Issue!
Maybe my team can create a messy diversion?
Wyldfire Target B location confirmed

Wyldfire I can get him out. But it will be observed.

Wyldfire If I'm going to get him out without clues, I need a HUGE messy distraction. Preferably set something on fire just outside building.
— Feral to team

I don't know that a fire is a good idea
— Dr. Adel to team

one of the Metropolis gangs is Toastmasters. If a dumpster/trash fire seems to be the start of a raid for black market sellables, simultaneously with damage to security system on opposite side of complex, security will assemble in place to dissuade further action.

would prefer any better plan if you have one, though

something short of "blow up our own bus"
— Feral to team

Would setting off the fire alarm in the building help?
— Medkit to team

I think Adel may have a plan
— Dr. B to team

Corp might lock off basement

instead of leaving it to go help deal with problem

can you arrange explosive sewage backfill? toilet geysers always get attention
— Feral to Medkit

Have to think about that one
— Medkit to Feral

Think fast
— Feral to Medkit

Would a bunch of car alarms going off around the same time help?
— Medkit to team

— Feral to Medkit

For this to work the best way, I ideally need someone to hack the computer at the same time. But I have no computer access right here in this room. Can someone else hack the computer at the same time?
— Dr. A to team

I think you're our computer guru today.
— Feral to Dr. A, because nobody else on team has Gadgetry

So hold off on the car alarms?
— Medkit to team

wait for Dr. A's word
— Feral to Medkit

When Dr. A does give the word, the sudden chaos is perfectly battering, perfectly confusing, and perfectly natural-seeming.
Dr. A arranges a compactor explosion. Medkit presents a set of car alarms as if an explosion or earthquake happens.
Security in black coat goes to elevator. Other security will remain here. They describe two subjects within as having earthquake and blaster abilities. Elsewhere/above floors have a flyer and one with "shadow abilities", that's not great.
Timing it to the cycle of the camera:
  • grab chair and guy

  • yank backward to bounce off floor

  • make sure unconscious but not dead

  • strip away radio/headset, shiny probably-not-a-pen, double-thick fake iPhone. Wrap last two in handkerchief, stuff into sealable pocket.

  • Fold him into fetal position. Shove under desk. Shove chair in after him.

  • Wait for camera cycle.

  • Climb up above elevator door to disable camera rotor so that it points north and no longer rotates. This will set off an alarm but MIGHT be taken for damage from groundshaking event of a few minutes ago.

The elevator opens to deliver Dr. B and Amythyst being brought to "quarantine" by two more security.
We knock them out and strip off their gear. Dr. B swaps clothing with the one closest to his size. We use belts to tie them to each other.
Just in time, because here comes the elevator again to deliver Medkit and a security guard patient for more quarantine!

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