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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preparations: Resurrection Protocol

by Feral

Project lead notes: Resurrection Protocol



Dr. A might want to pick a working pseudonym. And get armored.

If not, I might task YJ with making one for her.


  • no trademarks.

  • No direct reference to species/culture of origin.

  • No Greek, it is almost 2010 and I do not want Rick Riordan crossovers.

  • Something easy to filter out on AO3.

  • Prefer single word, no leet-speak, sfw (no euphemisms), max three syllables.

Obviously if Dr. A rolls her own, she can pick out whatever she likes. These are the Teenager Rules not restrictions on an adult.



Reminder to self: ask Tee to touch up gloss coat on claws.

Project Safika note: Dr. Tafey may have indirect access to Make-A-Wish files from last few years. Would Mirabel be open to taking on this research project?

Best case scenario, we conclusively confirm that Safika was not a genetic disorder patient, abducted bc the genome deformity would be easier to "crack" in I.I. style, with a mourning family of origin left in the background.

Worst case scenario, the fifteen-year-old "genome improvement" process has become industry standard among evil bio-geneticists due to Corporate policy of appealing "job severance". Former Corporate employees have brought this system to so many other unethical organizations that we can assume any dubious-ethics-origin mutate was drafted from a list of people who got genotyped.



If I leave all of the context up to the angel's imagination, I get the most versatile infodumps.

Underdwellers passed along a rough sketch of neighborhood site survey for our target.

I can't think of a good way to get the original pre-sinking neighborhood map with storm drains et cetera, but we can work without it. AIM cover of "construction contractors to rebuild Hollows" indicates,

A) enough theoretically "legitimate" recovery crews must have done some kind of shoring up work in the Hollows for that to seem plausible.

B) inadequate and inconsistent regulatory oversight, probably due to lack of city/state funds

C) it's been only two months, and the exterior was not visibly changed. Weather damage should continue, but interior may be lined. However! Necessary connections to original municipal services and utilities should exist, if only as partially clogged or bent holes. I bet nanotech can get through some of that. AIM might have put filters on the interior stretch of most pipes and vent shafts, for example, but what about original electric and telecommunication channels? City would have long since terminated power to those. Possible but less likely is that someone took the time and effort to harvest all of the wiring. Yes, copper is valuable, but earthquake debris would make quick removal nearly impossible, and taking sufficient time would expose the scavenger to predation.

I want to ask Dr. A to put together passive or low-emission detectors that could be disguised in gear for the duos. Things to register: methane, concentrated humidity. Caprolactam or styrene fumes. UV radiation likely to be emitted by plasma.

Materials for these inventions come under the Special Projects budget. Right? Please?



Lazarus water - speculation

Sir, could you please look at accumulated notes about a light bar that caused an agonizing blue-white narrow light during "processing" and put together a brief description for such a possible "triggering component"? Whatever technical details are necessary. It was always blue-white to me. It always hurt. I have never asked the others if it looked same to them but why wouldn't it? It was bar shaped and moved on a computer-controlled arm, sort of like a scanner for a fax, but above not from underside. Extremely narrow apperture in the "short" direction, more than body width or operating table width in "long" direction.

The important part I need words for is to give just enough description to identify, and a high enough urgency to attached instruction that if they spot such a thing, priority one should be to shatter it. Or permanently block aperture so it can't emit. Not for recovery. Not for experiencing for even a second.

Maybe I'm guessing wrong.

I hope I'm guessing wrong.

I worry that if I am the one to address it, either I will oversell or undersell, and the team will misstep.



Humanitarian Duo

Samaritan and Gravitar
Cover: It's December. Cold, wet, tough to get food. Occasionally some humanitarian group or other comes through with clean blankets, prepacked bags with some basic food and water and OTC supplies for self care. It would make sense to also send in a couple medical volunteers at this time of year to deal with frostbite or walking pneumonia or such. Possibly sponsored by Sister Julie's group at Our Lady of Divine Mercy or by Bio-Investigations LTD low-cost clinic outreach

If they spend the first couple hours of the afternoon in working their way through the area's residents, genuinely helping people and clearly NOT taking any permanent notes of interest to AIM, they might be able to walk directly in the front door to ask site security if the company can spare any filtered water to refill bottles. Or do they need health checkups against the weather. Or "can we warm up and rest here a bit before we go back to it", I dunno, whatever the Blake Charm applies. Make friends. That thing he does.

Initial focus: People on site. Get info about them, guide them away from figuring us out.


Geotech Engineering Inspector Duo

Medkit and Amythyst
Cover: Contract employees for Metropolis city gov't, sent down to check whether the windstorm at the end of November may have caused dangerous shifts in the exposed canyon walls.

If they go in around mid-afternoon with the same survey equipment that normally gets used in roadside areas, plus a flashlight and a clunky looking camera and a five-ring binder full of dot matrix printed City Regulations and notes from a geologist's course on What You Don't Want To See, then even if they get caught and searched, their cover should hold.

Amythyst can be the documentation guy, taking photos, and Medkit can be the measurements guy wielding the laser measure.

I bet Amythyst can figure out a way in that makes them unlikely to get spotted, possibly fully infiltrate the target building through a side entrance or something.

Initial focus: Identify, isolate, and defeat site security.



Dr. A
Cover: Honestly I hope she does not wind up needing one. Ideally I would prefer that Dr. A act through her nanotech for this entire infiltration, not once setting foot inside the target building. If she does wind up having to go in, it will be as a rescue operative to back up one of the above duos.

I have no idea what other premade software or hardware Dr. A might need for this job. I have absolute faith in her ability to make them think innocent coincidences are ruining their week, though.

Initial focus: Observe the current activity and movement patterns inside the building, building up the necessary resources to divert them. Get control of on-site computer systems. Overwrite any information on the target substance with similar but harmless data.



Cover: AIM has to be expecting us, or Team Luthor, or Hammer Empire, or Oscorp, or Society of Rao, or who knows. Maybe the Shadow. Maybe even the Hero of Metropolis himself.

So I'm going to make a run at them. I'm going to seem very sincere about it.

I'm going to be A Problem, but on the wrong side of the building (probably starting near the top of the exposed edifice), and make them work to stop me and drive me away.

My plan is to make AIM think they've already won. And that it will be at least a few days before my associates can try again.



Build Requests for Dr. A:

  • Passive or low-emission detectors for chemicals, listed above.

  • Passive or low-emission scanners for UV energy emissions as would be expected of grow lights and of high energy plasma generators, mentioned above.

  • Decent quality data crawler on a thumb drive, with transmission pointer to a junk server on Pirate Bay or something, for how Society of Rao would probably try to steal AIM research from a workshop in progress. I expect this to get defeated but I don't want that to be easy.

  • Your own real version of whatever you want the guys to insert into whatever systems they can access (the original fire detection system for the building? the AIM Snack Vendor Control System? idk ) so you can sneak your way into control of other building systems without having to physically be in the room yourself.

  • A draft of slightly-falsified data with which to overwrite whatever they already have on this "Lazarus Water" stuff. Might be able to get some good gobbledygook from Moleculon if he is not busy doing end of quarter tests on the students.


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