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Jerry Clasby

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has a swimmer's build, prescription safety goggles, and at any given time at least three minor burn marks on his hands from troubleshooting and maintenance on his lab equipment.

Facial Features

He has a touch of freckles across his nose and cheeks. He is clean-shaven currently, but regularly threatens to grow a beard to obscure his naturally expressive face.

Mental characteristics


A longtime, semi-retired member of Wyldfire, Jerry now splits his working time four ways:
  1. He teaches science at the Gironde School for Gifted and Special Needs Students.
  2. He is working on his master's degree in chemical engineering.
  3. He does some remote freelance work, mostly for Phoenix Industries or Cadmus Foundation.
  4. He has his own long-term project, regarding which he is uncharacteristically cagey. It may be related in some way to some of the assistance he has given to Wyldfire agents when they have needed special preparations for a particular "Special Project".

Intellectual Characteristics

Jerry likes chemistry, specialized vocabulary, and philately because they are each about fine-tuned precision within a more chaotic reality.

Morality & Philosophy

Jerry has put serious thought into the option of someday becoming a supervillain.
Jerry does not draw a lot of valuable attention in his current life. The attention he does tend to draw is not what he would describe as "spectacular". Stamp collecting gets him picked on by his sister. His vocabulary, his Nero Wolfe-esque love of the exact right word for every concept, gets him a lot of grief from his brother-in-law Paul.
Among the people he knows, Jerry is not the smartest (that's Thomas) or the best educated (that's Professor Gironde) or most charming (Blackjack) or most dangerous (that's probably Rissa) or most likely to know esoteric trivia (Jack Monroe) or most creative (Bert Ridderhoff) or best fighter (Vigilante or Diamond X, weapons and freehand respectively).
So could he get frustrated enough to go villain someday?
Rissa and Thomas and Tina treat him like he's absolutely their peer, and listen when he argues his opinions on anything from a wire fu fight scene to what's the best doughnut. Sleet and Don and Bert come down to his lab when they want to do bro stuff. He's the longest-listed current member of Wyldfire. Blackjack messes around with Paul's lunch every time Paul and Claire visit, because Blackjack finds Paul to be super rude just as much as Jerry does, and sometimes Blackjack does it a second time in direct reaction to something snide Paul said about Jerry.
The peer group at the Gironde School might not focus on Jerry as if he were spectacular, but they don't dismiss him or forget about him, either.
So Jerry is not a villain, does not currently intend to become one ... but it is a valid possibility.
He believes that he would be very good at it.
At least, until the universe learns to pay him a decent amount of direct attention.


Family Ties

Claire (Clasby) McKinney is Jerry's older sister. Their parents are not in the picture.



younger brother (Important)

Towards Diamond X



Diamond X

older sister (Important)

Towards Moleculon




Their parents have not been a factor in Claire's and Jerry's lives at least since Jerry was an awkward fifteen-year-old. Knowing that she is not suited by temperament to raise her kid brother even if her career made that possible, Claire tackled the research project to find him just the right mentor with just the right living situation, and she checked in on an irregular basis between contracts.
If Claire could have given Jerry what she calls the "sitcom standard" living situation, with a comfortable home in a suburb and family holidays and the occasional trip to the Aquarium, she would have.
They both readily admit that it would have been absolutely terrible.
As it is, they clearly have a lot of respect and affection for one another. But "my sibling" is not the first, second, or even third person that either one consults when troubled.

Legal Status


Current Location
Current Residence
hazel green
Honey gold and curly. He keeps it cut close because if he doesn’t it will get all frizzy when he uses his powers.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light tan
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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