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The Freakshow were an enemy group in the best MMO we ever played. They were created by now-defunct Paragon Studios, copyright by them in 2012 or so.
No infringement is intended or implied.
We love and miss you folks, hope you are doing well for yourselves wherever you are.

This villainous biker gang's style emphasizes a very punk appearance: brightly colored hair, ripped shirts, leather/denim studded jackets, chains for no reason, piercings for shock effect, gang tattoos, jeans or leather biker pants or motorcycle armor. They are fond of replacing limbs with somewhat unwieldy cyberweapons such as "a giant hammer" or "a giant sickle"; one's rank in the gang is tied to the amount of cyberware installed.


Members of the gang tend to wear backpacks with power sources and/or drug reservoirs installed. During their first several appearances, observers could easily spot external tubes connecting the backpack into the body of the Freak in question; recently tubes have started being installed tighter along the muscle line, just outside the skin.


The Freakshow biker gang is originally from the Chicago area. Small groups of ten to twenty Freaks began travelling the back roads of the northeastern United States in November and December of 1999 while the leaders of the gang negotiated a business relationship with certain organized crime factions in Atlantic City. By June 2003, the gang considered the least-maintained rural routes of the Northeast as their territory.
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