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Vehicles are divided into four broad Subskill categories:

Air Vehicles

includes fixed wing, rotary wing, VTOL, lighter than air, anything that travels in an atmosphere without requiring ground contact
This can be attempted by the untrained, defaulting to their Dexterity. A failed piloting roll has a very high chance of being fatal to the untrained piloting Character and everyone in the immediate vicinity. But it is theoretically doable!

Land Vehicles

includes not just automobiles and rail-based vehicles and treaded things like tanks and ski-mobiles and backhoes and cranes, but also hovercraft (because they have to stay within a certain distance of the solid surface?)
This Subskill can be attempted by the untrained, defaulting to their Dexterity. In the case of an automobile or a ski-mobile, that might make some sense. Most Characters pick up a little bit of extra Defensive Driving just from being around fellow citizens, playing video games, and watching action movies.
It's a harder sell in the case of commercial transports, construction equipment, and hovercraft.

Water Vehicles

includes inflatable rafts, sailboats, submarines, anything that transports humans on the surface of water or below it.
This Subskill can be attempted untrained, by defaulting to Dexterity. A failed piloting roll comes with a real risk of drowning. Unmotorized sailboats are not simple skills, easy to guess at in a crisis. As for submarines...?

Space Craft*

are the only vehicles whose Subskill requires training -- a character can default to Dexterity for steering an amphibious bus if they want to, but they must have learned how to pilot a rocket ship!
Probably remote craft like radio-controlled drones should be a separate Subskill, but in our campaign the GMs will probably accept either the appropriate Vehicles Subskill for the drone itself or the Gadgetry Skill for operation of the drone as a Gadget.
DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Second Edition
page 81
published by Mayfair Games
Game Mechanics
Link: Dex
Base Cost: 5
Factor Cost: 5
Number of subskills: 4

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