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The Enduupar

The last surviving thanagarian "battlestar" ships that brought refugees from Thanagar to Earth 1 .   It is also the current home of Captain ( or Archon ) Fel Kur'Talak .

Power Generation

Q Furnace


V4 Nth-drive

Weapons & Armament

36 point defense Sun-Blaster Cannons, 12 Star-Lance torpedo batteries ( 6 per side ), 10 heavy Particle Projection Cannons, 15 Ion Repeating Disruptor Cannons

Armor and defense

Double hulled hexasteel armor

Additional & auxiliary systems

stargate for personnel and cargo transportation.

Hangars & docked vessels

Five Corvidae class fighters that are in need of overhaul   Two Tytonidae class shuttles that are also in need of overhaul
Related Professions
1600 meters ( 5249.344 feet )
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Could carry 10,000 passengers comfortably and 40,000 of cargo.


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