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Fel Kur'Talak

Archon Fel Kur Talek

Archon ( or Captain ) Fel Kur'Talak is a legend among the thanagarians, held in high regard as a hero of their people. Most stories are elaborated versions of his own battles against the Kryptonian Union or other troublemakers of thanagarian origin.
  Stories of his exploits - which are almost myth now among his people - are used as a means of inspiring young thanagarians.  

Physical Description

Fel stands a solid six feet tall and despite his advanced age, retains his scientifically enhanced super strength and dexterity in addition to the natural attributes of simply being thanagarian, namely heightened eyesight and wings. However, being aboard The Enduupar in cryo-sleep for so many centuries did have its toll.
Where before, Fel had a light tan if not bronze skin, dark hair with light brown wings to match. Now, his hair is a steel gray with even his wings sporting charcoal gray at the tips of the feathers. His skin is paler now due to the long cryo-sleep and life aboard the aging starship. However, his eyes retain their customary hazel color along with the same twinkle from his youth.
Broad-shouldered and square-jawed, Fel has been an inspiration to many young thanagarians as a near-mythical figure that stood up against tyranny and injustice. Captain Fel was - and to some, still is - a hero to aspire toward. However, only a handful know - such as members of SAFEGUARD and Wyldfire - that he is still alive after all this time.


Captain Fel is a quiet man with an even temperament. His quick, warm smile and steady personality make for a calming influence in a crisis. However, his temper can be quickly fired when he's confronted by the oppression of the helpless and other forms of tyranny. This attitude has gained him many friends over the years and enemies. Fel will be first to the fight to help the helpless and the last to leave said fight.
That steadfast conviction to doing what's right has also earned him a few scars over the years, visible reminders of battles fought so that others can have a better life.


Contacts & Relations

Captain Fel has a known relationship with Wyldfire . Specifically their heroes and the children at the school. The knowledge of his ship, The Enduupar, is a closely guarded secret among the Wyldfire team and the Trenchcoat Brigade of SAFEGUARD. Existance of this ship is kept a secret from the general public.
However, recent events have caused Captain Fel to re-evaluate his long isolation aboard the ship. After an invasion of Kryptonian commandos, Captain Fel has been forced to relocate to Earth while forming a strategy to recover his ship. Impressed with the tenacity of Earth's collection of heroes, he has been traveling where he can to study them with an eye toward possible recruitment for a team. A group that could help him recover his ship and perhaps assist him on occasion with helping people - on Earth and elsewhere - that need it from extra-terrestrial tyranny and disaster.
Lately, he has been spending time in the northeastern United States, specifically in Metropolis and New York City. There he has been quietly visiting with both Wyldfire in metropolis and the young woman who impressed him during the aborted Kryptonian invasion of Earth, Elektra.
Responsibility of Power
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The northeastern city of 'Tock on the floating island of Mashuk
Current Residence
The Enduupar
Steel gray
175 lbs
Owned Vehicles
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