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genius engineer from another world

Amy Prinz (a.k.a. Steelheart)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She may be a tween, but Amy knows how to use leverage and pulleys to move car parts around in a gadgeteering workshop!

Specialized Equipment

“Steelheart” POWER ARMOR
{Dex 7, Str 7, Body 7, Flight: 4, Energy Blast: 2, “Repulsor Beam” ( Reflection ): 4 (Misc Limit: Repulsor Energy Beam, no deflection ), Sonic Beam: 4, Sealed Systems: 7, Ultra-Vision: 7, Telescopic Vision: 3}
Hacking Gear

Young Justice Earbud Communicator
Item | Jan 6, 2022

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amy Prinz, age 10, is thinking about going the inventor-gadgeteer route. This was a little more common of a career on the alternate Earth where she was born, what with Kryptonian science curriculums in the average public school and so forth. The trick was to find your niche in a wide world full of inventors, and then study everything that might tangentially relate to it. Her dad’s a professional driver, so the expectation was that she would specialize in some sort of vehicular engineering. Amy has decided that she is only 10 and that is way too early to be determining the narrow channel for the rest of her life. She does, however, have the top score in every driving or flying game on campus, including Mario Kart and Rodea the Sky Soldier, and has had the top scores since about 3 months after she arrived on this Earth.


Amy is certainly NOT GOING TO STAND IDLY BY while her friends and fellow students are bullied by organized THUGS in something they laughably call “power armor”. No sirree! For one thing, this is what you call “power armor”!


public primary schools on Earth 8 (Kryptonian Earth)
Gironde School since the start of middle school



Personality Characteristics


Thrill of Adventure

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Acrobatics: 4
Artist (Graphic Designer): 2
Gadgetry: 7
Martial Arts (Defense, Blocking, Techniques and Holds, Battery aka Basic Punch/Kicks): 4
Scientist: 2
Thief ( Stealth, Locks and Safes (vehicle locks only), Security Systems (vehicle security systems only) ): 7
Vehicles ( Land Based, Water Based ) : 9
Vehicles (Air Based): 1

Virtues & Personality perks

Sharp Eye
Area Knowledge ( Gironde School for the Gifted )

Vices & Personality flaws

Age (Young)
Voluntary Exile

Wealth & Financial state

Wealth: 02
(In any given week, Amy has access to about $100 of spending money. Perhaps the older kids should learn to not bet against her in video game tournaments.)
Dex: 05
Str: 02
Body: 03
Int: 07
Will: 05
Mind: 04
Infl: 04
Aura: 04
Spi: 04
Init: 18
HP: 10
Current Location
Year of Birth
1998 12 Years old
Earth 8
Current Residence
amethyst purple
dark blonde
Quotes & Catchphrases
You know what would look even better? Blinking LEDs!
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
(( Amy looks a lot like Danica Patrick at age 10. ))


Author's Notes

Somebody in Wyldfire should be asking themselves: how is it that this kid can scrounge up a hundred bucks in any given week??

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