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The phone book is full of 'em: humans are the dominant native sentient species that evolved on Earth. They often think that digital watches are cool. Like the pangolin, they are bilaterally symmetrical bipedal mammals. Like the squirrel, they are diurnal mammals. Like the African wildcat, they are often found in cooperative social groups. Like the rhinoceros, they have comparatively little body hair. Like the opossum, they have opposable thumbs. Like the octopus, they sometimes go to war over territory. Like the humpback whale, they sometimes go out of their way to protect or aid strangers, including members of other species.
Scientific Name
homo sapiens sapiens

Average Human

typical non-adventuring human  

Maximum Human Attributes

maximum unenhanced human attributes

If a person has more than ONE maximum attribute, that's some sort of metahuman! Or a nonhuman in disguise!


Author's Notes

While individuals vary, a non-adventurer human NPC probably has 2 APs in all Attributes; no Powers; perhaps a few Skills and Subskills but usually not much higher than 4 APs. That said: any non-adventurer NPC who gets a name will probably have some unusual characteristics on their sheet! Gadgeteers are often humans who have spent the time and the Hero Points to improve their Attributes and Skills, and picked up some very important Advantages.

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