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Young Justice Earbud Communicator

These were originally old Wyldfire units, replaced with newer (better encrypted!) gear by Silverwing when Mirabelle and Jarissa were kidnapped. Therefore they were cutting edge “covert counter-espionage team” quality gear as of 4 years ago. Susie has modified them. She has been taking them apart and putting them back together, tinkering around, ever since Mr. Jordan put them in the recycling bin. Susie has never been SPECIFICALLY TOLD that she could not have them. Therefore no rules have been broken!

Mechanics & Inner Workings

{BODY 04, Radio Communications (Scrambled): 10, R#2}


Clips onto one ear, adjustable for best fit. Looks a lot like real world product Jabra FreeSpeak 250

Item type
Owning Organization


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