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Young Justice

Young Justice is an adventurous supergroup of seven students at the Gironde School for Gifted and Special Needs Students, plus Robin of Gotham City. Members are as young as eight or as old as sixteen. They are humans with amazing Gadgets, and mutants, and mutates. They come from a small island community named Eureka, the cities of Boston and Metropolis, a different Earth from an alternate reality, and rural Rhode Island.


Everybody has at least one of the Young Justice Earbud Communicators (see "Assets" below).


During the last two major renovations to the school, an old maintenance closet got cut off from the normally accessible spaces in the building. Susie found it; she, Jeremy, and Brian took it over as their secret clubhouse, where they founded their first supergroup named "The Three Investigators" after the novel series. Now it is the Young Justice Headquarters. Officially, none of the adults admit to knowing of this location; unofficially, the secret space will be allowed as long as it is kept clean (especially no food trash!) and nothing hazardous happens there. The team has one wall, covered in corkboard for sound insulation, already converted to a "Trophy Wall" with their autograph and photo collection from the masked metahumans they have met (and, in some cases, defeated!)


Everybody has taken at least 1 Self-Defense class, 1 Basic Stealth class, and at least a couple of science classes. Obviously some members did better at these classes than others.


Nobody on this team particularly likes Raymond Killingsworth, head of the “jock clique” at the school. Feel free to crab about him as an example of All Things Wrong With The Universe.



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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
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