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Alan Nathaniel Jenkins

Physical Description

Special abilities

Though classified as a mutate, it's been theorized that Alan was possibly a metahuman whose original ability it that of auto-adaptation. But the jetpack crash that bathed Alan in both a unique chemical and ionization energy burst polarized his adaptation abilities, "locking" them into a single power: a living dynamo.   Alan can generate - and control - electrical fields of all strengths and varieties. Through this, he is able to fly, generate plasma or lightning blasts at targets. His ability to control and shape electricity has allowed him to fashion electrical 'cages' to capture targets while keeping the amps and volts at a level where they won't kill whose contained.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alan Jenkins, is officially Dr. Gironde's personal pilot. He used to be a test pilot. One of the tests went badly at a particularly difficult time. Now he doesn't need the plane unless he's wanting to move some cargo. He tends to be wherever Dr. Gironde is currently residing -- mostly that's Metropolis.

Aligned Organization


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