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This individual has been genetically modified by exposure to a mutagen, by deliberate action via SCIENCE!!, or by who knows what other kind of freak accident.
  1. If the individual was in a lab accident and developed superpowers as a result, that's a mutate.
  2. If the individual experimented on themself, or volunteered as the subject of someone else's test runs, that's a mutate.
  3. If a Gadget went kaplooey! after which the individual could suddenly defy the known laws of physics, that's a mutate.
  4. If the villain organization Infinity Inc is anywhere in their background, that individual is most definitely a mutate.
  5. If the individual had any kind of precipitating experience before which they were observably a normal human, but now they have super powers: they are probably a mutate.
  The term "mutate" is seldom used because it is considered derogatory. Most people instead use the catchall term of "metahuman".   It is possible to be both a mutate and a mutant, just to make things more confusing.


Author's Notes

If it helps any: Marvel Comics is known for a lot of mutants, though they certainly do have their share of mutates and metahumans; your standard "super serum" is a means of creating what we are calling a "mutate". DC Comics, on the other hand, is known for a lot of lab accidents and Super Science, but very few "born with it" mutants like Magenta or the Paco Ramone version of Vibe.

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