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New York City

One, if not the, largest cities in the United States. New York City occupies a space of 300 square miles and are comprised of five boroughs that collectively make up New York City.   In New York, there is a variety of heroic and villain activity. For this reason, New York became the home of two hero teams.   One is the international team of heroes known as the Watchmen, whose headquarters is in New York harbor. The second is a group called the Knight's Vigilant who are seen in and around Central Park.
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The Big Apple!
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Old notes

OOC note: the following is from a prior version we had of NYC on a different site. Each part is under review as we decide what to keep, what to revise, and what no longer fits our world building at all.
  • Prior visits:

    Every time I have ever set foot in the city, I have been shot and/or drugged and/or had someone take over my body. Every. Single. Time. You’d think I would learn to stay the hell out of NYC.

    Well, I like in-person friend dates with Alex plenty but we can meet up in Hudson or Lake Placid or Harriman State Park from now on!

  • Supergroups in Residence
    Home of the Watchmen and the Knights Vigilant

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