New York City

One, if not the, largest cities in the United States. New York City occupies a space of 300 square miles and are comprised of five boroughs that collectively make up New York City.   In New York, there is a variety of heroic and villain activity. For this reason, New York became the home of two hero teams.   One is the international team of heroes known as the Watchmen, whose headquarters is in New York harbor. The second is a group called the Knight's Vigilant who are seen in and around Central Park.


  • The Bandshell!
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      A crisp autumn night in New York City! Dry leaves crunch underfoot.   The bandshell is dark, but the main walking path pointing east and west is well-lit.   East of the bandshell, just south of the walking path's lights, three bushes huddle in their kidney-shaped flower bed for a long winter's nap.   Other paths travel north and south, or meander with the curves of the land.   Trees dot the area west of the north-south path.   Four picnic tables are scattered to the southeast.

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