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Theme: "equal" does not mean "equivalent", whether that's about having "equal rights" as in everyone having a fair set of genetic advantages, or about how many combatants are on each side in a fistfight.



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An adventure of the Trenchcoat Brigade, starting with the secret monthly meeting at a Chinatown dim sum restaurant called "Dim Sum Go Go" on East Broadway. Their prices are very affordable, which means they have a lot of business at any given time; wear civilian disguises, don't raise your voices or use obvious powers, and no one can eavesdrop on your conversation. (Even better! They are still celebrating the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, which should keep the rest of the crowd LOUD!)


You each have recent observations that you want to talk over with your allies. And Apothecary Fu has sent an earnest young Japanese immigrant to contribute another piece of the developing puzzle!





Summon and her sidekick Hank


  • Tar Pit from Keystone City
  • The New Purple Gang
  • Three alien combatants from Europa on Earth 12 who have taken the form of the Three Cute Furies
  • PPZ a.k.a. Psi Phi Zeta
  • and particularly Bob Megalos from PPZ
  • and quite possibly Adam Roderick from PPZ who would like to be from AIM
  • Blockbuster (more or less the Writeups dot Org version by Sébastien Andrivet, as far as stats went)



  1. The idealistic young men of the PPZ fraternity do not really mean to do evil. They're on a badly planned crusade to Save The World.
  2. Blockbuster does not mean to "save the world". Or to "level the playing field". He means to increase his personal power.
  3. Assorted other bad guys involved in this story are less important to immediate events, really: Advanced Idea Mechanics and Card Shark helped the PPZ get where they are, and plan to profit off them, but are not a strong influence on the actual plot.
This adventure originally run by Jennie
from real world date February 12th, 2016 through October 7, 2016,
and is set starting on Sunday, February 8th, 2009,
to coincide with the start of the Occult Humanities Conference (which in the real world really happened February 5th through 7th in 2016.)

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