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Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features

Tattoo of the clan Kohga symbol, on his left Pectoral area.

Facial Features

clean shaven hooded eyes thin lips strong chin and jawline thin eyebrows wears fake glasses

Identifying Characteristics

tattoo on chest

Physical quirks

full body awareness. always aware of his balance and posture.

Special abilities

By harnessing and focusing his Chi Shingo can project it into a blade of purple energy from the back of my hand that can then be stabbed into an opponent to disrupt the flow of their chi in that area. Shingo has been training in the Martial arts since the age of five. through discipline and training both physically and mental Shingo has opened his third eye to see beyond the scope of normal humans.

Apparel & Accessories

Second hand clothes for both he and Kabuki. burner phone, voice over I.P. for phone calls. third or forth gen. tech for jobs. Bokken wooden sword, throwing darts made from rebar. A set of cheap second hand Chef knives.

Specialized Equipment

Sun Knight Sonic Boomerang Kijani Mbweha Combat Armor

Mental characteristics

Personal history

From age five Shigon has trained to be a Kohga Ninja. His skills have made him one of Mogydoni’s finer Shadow Warriors. He has gone to great pains to Honor his Clan with every mission he is sent one,and as with all Kohga has an irrational hatred for the Iga Clan. Shingo is not an assassin, as this is not Feudal Japan. Shingo is a information gatherer and does corporate espionage work.




He is in business with the Shadow as a Paranormal home inspector. Shingo also does work as a Chef.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Shingo has Built a name for himself as a Chef as simply Chef. He has thanks to his work with Safe Guard gotta his legal documentation and Changed his name to Kobayashi Maru and successfully gotta papers for Kabuki as his Step sister Miu Maru. He is in business with the Shadow as a Paranormal home inspector.

Failures & Embarrassments

The character was forced to exile himself from his home in japan when he could not finish his last mission because it was a frameup by Iga to kill the true last Prince. Shingo was duped into helping a pair of twins who turned out to be villians in exchange for getting him out of the country and fake documentation to allow him to start a new life in the States. He finished the job, but the Villians didn't hold up their end of the deal and Shingo found himself homeless in NYC's Hell's Kitchen district.

Mental Trauma

In fluke mishap Shingo found he was sharing a body with Dr Telios' successful female clone Kabuki. Shingo has an Irrational hatred of the Iga ninja Clan.

Intellectual Characteristics

Shingo is intelligent and alert to his surroundings.Japanese Scholar (spoken and kanji) Computer Scholar (using the Tokyo modern tech that’d come out just before he left) Scholar Food and Fine Dining

Morality & Philosophy

Shingo is a Ninja. He is not an assassin as has been popularized by TV and movies. Shingo is not above information gathering and corporate espionage. He holds the secret identity of the last Japanese Prince and will die to protect that secret. Shingo find cooking enjoyable as well as therapeutic. The smiles on peoples faces when the have his dishes makes him happy.

Personality Characteristics


Responsibility of Power

Likes & Dislikes

Shingo dislikes Kabuki.

Vices & Personality flaws

Though he has Trained not to be Shingo can be a bit impatient or curt with people when he feels pressure or is under the gun. Bing watching TV and movies is another of Shingo's quilty pleasures.

Personality Quirks

Shingo will speak in broke movie quality engrish like in popular movies or tv until he is comfortable with whom ever he is dealing with to give the illusion of being typical Asian person that doesn't speak the language well or in Japanese if the language is understood by others, though he is quite fluent in English.


Shingo is very particular about his Hygiene. No! strong smells such as colognes and or aftershave. He uses scentless detergent and soap or shampoos.


Contacts & Relations

Safe guard the shadow
Responsibility of Power
Date of Birth
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Coulson! I need more money!
Okay Round eye!
Known Languages
Japanese(spoken and kanji) Computer language Fluent English

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Hero Points


(* Linked Powers)
  • Power and APs
linked?FCLimitations?Auto or DiceNotes
  • Mind Blast 10
  • not linkedFC 1Limitation: Minor BurnoutDice ActionThis is the psychic knife
  • Mind Blank 07
  • not linkedFC 2Limitation: Serious Burnout.Automatic ActionAdd the APs of Mind Blank to the RV against mind-reading and mind-scanning attacks such as Life Sense, Mind Probe, and Telepathy.
  • Iron Will 02
  • not linkedFC 3no LimitationAutomatic ActionThis power-in-training is meant to help resist all forms of Mental control Powers, including Broadcast Empath, Control, and Hypnotism. The APs of Iron Will are added to the RV versus such powers. It does NOT protect versus mental attacks such as Mind Blast.
  • Jumping 03
  • not linkedFC 2no LimitationDice ActionYou can jump up to 80ft horizontally or up to 40ft vertically without straining.
  • Ultra Vision 05
  • not linkedFC 1no LimitationAutomatic ActionYou can see at night or in the dark just as if it were daylight, possibly even see Invisible objects/people.



    (* Linked Skills)
    • Skill and APs
    linked?FCAuto or DiceNotes
  • Acrobatics 06
  • not linkedFC 7Dice Actionall Subskills
  • Artist 06
  • not linkedFC 2Dice ActionActor (Disguise) and Cooking only
  • Martial Artist 06
  • not linkedFC 6Dice Actionall Subskills
  • Military Science 05
  • not linkedFC 4Dice ActionDanger Recognition and Tracking only
  • Thief 06
  • not linkedFC 8Dice ActionEscape Artist, Forgery, Locks and Safes, Pickpocket, Security Systems, and Stealth
  • Weaponry 07
  • not linkedFC 4Dice ActionMelee Weapons and Missile Weapons only


    • Lightning Reflexes (+2 to Initiative already added)

    • Sharp Eye

    • Scholar (Computer) especially the Tokyo modern tech that had come out just before Psypher left Japan

    • Scholar (Japanese) for both spoken and kanji


    • Dark Secret: did not complete last mission because it was a frameup by Iga to kill the last true Prince

    • Exile, Voluntary

    • Mistrust

    • Serious Irrational Hatred (Iga Clan), will drop everything in order to subdue/defeat/screw over any member of the Iga clan or any Iga Clan plots, or even to defase their symbols, on a roll of less than/equal to 11

    • Secret Identity (Ninja), pretends he does not exist at all

    • Miscellaneous: Shingo entered the USA illegally and spent a long time with no visitor's visa or resident alien paperwork


    : Wealth 0 ( Approx. Annual Income : $1250)




    Benchmark (based on current attributes above)

    DEX (Dexterity)
    The individual is agile enough to be a medal winning Olympian gymnast.

    STR (Strength)
    A normal human that can lift 200lbs over their head.

    BODY (Body)
    The individual can withstand the greatest amount of physical damage humanly possible. They possess an exceptional resistance to fatigue.

    INT (Intelligence)
    This person's intellectual capacity rivals a professional who is one of ten authorities in a field of study or a born genius.

    WILL (Willpower)
    This individual possesses the resolve to conquer any human fear or rational threat, save death.

    MIND (Mind)
    This person has the mental fortitude to continue normal activities even in persistently painful or stressful situations, such as those experienced by hardened soldiers.

    INFL (Influence)
    This individual can hold and draw the attention of a large audience.

    AURA (Aura)
    This person has a presence strong enough to change the emotional state of an auditorium-sized crowd from a dead calm to electrified frenzy.

    SPIRIT (Spirit)
    This person is so secure in his or her beliefs that he or she is willing to die for them.

    This person can afford to spend up to $25 per week




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