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Epiphany 4: Awakening

General Summary

Current members of the Trenchcoat Brigade confront a shifty stranger in a red jumpsuit, while potential members extract context clues from inside the Foxfire Project Room.

Character(s) interacted with

Veteran members of the Trenchcoat Brigade had a signature interrogation encounter with a man in a crimson red jumpsuit:


Potential Trenchcoat Brigadier Sable Shadow perfectly suited the existing mindset of NY Port Authority clerk Bernice Ernhart, so much so that Bernice quickly developed into a Low Contact who may be able to supply minor informational and loaned equipment assistance in her guise as Agent Backhaul.


Potential Trenchcoat Brigadier Makeshift conducted excellent in-person surveillance on a cross-dimensional cleaning person and his minder, a woman in a red jumpsuit with the ability to spark fire from her fingertips. Will we see these aliens from another reality again?


Clue in the Harbor

The shifty stranger destroys files to create a collage project.
  • How did these files come to be here? They should have been protected! Their absence ought to have raised alarms!
  • What is the point of his collage?
  • Why is this happening in the Red Hook Container Terminal?
Note to Players:
You are on the downslope edge of an area slightly lower than the spaces outside the fence. City planners have placed any noise baffling efforts outside this region, not interspersed within it. The noise of the nearby streets (to the east and south) and the harbor (to west, northwest, and north) all combine to drown out any sound less shattering than a gunshot.
Picture a shallow grain scoop, if that helps. Street level is above the outer edges of the scoop; the easiest ascent back up there is the driveway that semi trucks would use, further southwest, but there is probably another direct driveable access point north of here. The DoT parking lot for electrical technicians' vehicles is only a small step down from street level, taking up only a small corner of the vast "blade', but it receives a LOT of the echoing cacophony from the active harbor.
You are currently viewing, at a distance and partially obscured by vehicles and containers, a shifty character located at this spot on Google Maps.
When you glance behind you at the fence, its inner perimeter has occasional warning signs that this is a mandatory hearing protection area. Also present are occasional warning signs that this is an Authorized Personnel Only area, that badges must be visible at all times, and that trespassing comes with a fine no more than $800 and a jail sentence no more than 90 days.
The net result for you is that you three cannot simply chat. You need an arrangement for how you will effectively communicate during the fast-paced scene you are about to initiate. You also would be wise to wear the earplugs you happen to carry as part of your regular gear, because sound-related attacks have a +1CS bonus here against anyone who lacks protective measures, while sound-based perception checks against stealth have a Column Shift penalty against them that grows in strength for those who lack hearing protection.

Inside the Foxfire Shed

The dynamic team-up of Sable Shadow and Makeshift conclude their thorough examination of the Foxfire Project Room's contents -- all save that glowing center of the room, and the thrones that put the glow to work. They have been able to draw many inferences about the designer or user of this space.   One tentative inference is that a servant or minion comes here to tidy up on a frequent basis. No dust, after all; no cobwebs, no mud tracked in from a wet Brooklyn day, no ... let's use the euphemism, "no squirrel discards". They do not disturb the pile of discarded tools on the floor, they do not tidy nor shelve the books left laying out. Is this a person with specific sanitation instructions? Or a semi-autonomous invention?   And will it be visiting sometime today?   Is it worth setting up here in the Project Room to quietly observe for a few hours?
January 6
Magi's Epiphany

Trenchcoat Epiphany
The Shadow
Agent Chameleon
Sable Shadow
Player Journals
Case of the Psychic's Lament, Part 4 by The Shadow
The borrower by Sable Shadow
Report Date
16 Feb 2024
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