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Patrick Mulvaney (a.k.a. Makeshift)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Body Armor
  • Makeshift constructed a full coverage fully sealed power armor suit made from Kevlar interlaced with strands of carbon fiber for superior strength and flexibility. It is primarily grey with highlights of blue. It is form fitting and adheres to most contours of his body. The suit is normally worn under the clothes and when activated, teleports to the outside of the cloths before hardening.
  • A ferroelectric polymer nanocomposite is used to act as artificial muscles. A monitor in the headpiece reads and amplifies brainwaves controlling muscle movement which are then sent to the ferroelectric composite to enhance strength and dexterity.
  • The suit generates a quantum superposition field which allows the user to shift between their current position and another position within sight. Anything within 10 feet of the user can also be teleported allowing for weight restrictions.
  • A launching system can send up to eight projectiles to a given target one at a time. These can vary from 60 caliber balls to grenades.
  • The goggles in the headpiece use nonlinear crystals of lithium niobate to upconvert the terahertz gap to visible light. This provides an x-ray like view that can be used to see through objects. One problem is that sand particles scatter the terahertz waves in such a way that the lithium niobate cannot upconvert them. A minor inconvenience.
  • The gloves and pads under the toes have a type of microfiber that can find purchase on almost any object.
  • The headpiece also incorporates an empty slot for directional microphones to enhance hearing. Unable to install in the time allotted.
Collapsible Bo Staff
  • Makeshift created a Bo staff that looks like a silver metallic cylinder about 2 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. It consists of a series of concentric interlocking tubes of titanium which are lined on the inside with the ferroelectric polymer nanocomposite used in the body armor. It is normally in the collapsed state and when activated by pressing the button, it extends on each side to a total length of 1.8 meters (71 in). If the button is released, it will return to the collapsed state after about 10 seconds. It can be collapsed immediately by pressing the button twice.
  • His inspiration for this was an episode of Babylon 5.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Secret ID: Patrick Mulvaney Edwards

Patrick was born to an upper middle-class family in Chicago. He enrolled in Judo classed at 8 and went on to learn Taekwondo, Aikido, Kobudo and several others. Being treated fairly by all his teachers during his school years left Patrick with a sense of respect for them. Patrick's encounter with an expert on robotics in high school resulted in a long-term interest and encouraged him to learn all sciences.


Eventually Patrick learned that his family's money came from several illegal businesses. One that he was forced to participate in was a protection racket. On one collection run he was forced to discipline a belligerent client. The client had an unknown heart condition and later died from his injuries. This caused him considerable grief and he vowed to someday atone for this and his family's wrongdoings. Patrick then left Chicago leaving everything behind. A few years later, the family businesses were shut down by the police, but Patrick was never charged.


Patrick used the internet to try to determine where he could go and was contacted by David Xanatos who suggested that he go to Metropolis and recommended a couple of firms where he could get a job. He seriously considered becoming a teacher but it didn't pay enough so he went after a more lucrative tech job with NuTech. He eventually worked his way up to Project Lead, Scientist, and Inventor. Here, he was finally able to secretly work on his own project.

  Note from GM to delete when done with it:  
  • Computer Science (Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Autonomic Computing): 7
  • The above skill, since it does not have 3 of the Subskills, would have a Factor Cost of 4.
    Current Location
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    Seeking Justice
    Date of Birth
    March 7, 1975
    Current Residence
    Dark Green
    Light Brown
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Lightly Tanned
    6 ft 2 in
    180 lb
    Aligned Organization
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