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Originally known as "NewTech" 1, in late 2005 this business reorganized as "NuTech" 2, a wholly owned subsidiary corporation specializing in invention and refinement of electronics. It tends to emphasize "green" resources and processes in the local area where any given NuTech-owned or NuTech-leased facility exists. NuTech has approximately ten small facilities across the northern United States of America and southern Canada.
It is not a Fortune 100 company.
Nor does it strive to that level of power, market share, or profitability.
It does have excellent mutual support connections with other small businesses across the northern hemisphere. Most of these share common "executive board members" in some capacity, and all report to a common top-level business owner.
Rumors persist within the Thieves Society that NuTech may serve the interests of certain Masked Mystery Men such as Batman or Moon Knight.
Of course, the owner of public record is reason enough to not transgress against this minor business!
Corporation, Electronics Industry
Alternative Names
Notable Members


Few would have any reason to know that SAFEGUARD's Project: Quantum Leap division was the owner and operator of this Metropolitan camouflage, from its days under a storage space rental facility to its relocation (as directed by project commander General "Thunderbolt" Ross) beneath a southwestern Metropolis junkyard.


Wholly owned by another business entity, which in turn is owned by the undisputed ruler of Latveria.


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