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Epiphany 6: Ideaphoria

General Summary

In the back yard of a building at the middle of Sackett St's 130s block, five masked mystery investigators stare at each other.

Who will move first?

Will they be allies? Or enemies?


Our scene opens in a liminal space where 137 Sackett Street is about to become 197 Columbia Street.   The winter sun has passed beyond the buildings of Manhattan, to the west. Now it races toward the unknowable horizon. Breezes off the East River and Hudson Bay harry the ambient temperature toward the freezing line. Clouds will approach in another hour or two.   Street lights flicker, stabilize, beam.   The City That Never Sleeps sails onward into eight billion futures.

Trenchcoat Investigation


Recent Locations

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Facts Found

Not a comprehensive list! Check your own clue files, because you certainly know more!
Motes of light dance through a space, ignoring all attempts of matter to interact with them.
Sometimes sound fragments accompany them: music, or transmitted voices.
The sounds cease to be heard sometime shortly before the stardust trail starts to include "below ground" portions of its cycle.
The locals in this part of Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront District have grown inured to the motes. They may not like it, but they no longer let it startle them into a reaction.
The stardust trail grows thicker, appearing more frequently and in more intense clusters, and moves faster as it enters the city block framed by Sackett Street, Columbia Street, Degraw Street, and Van Brunt Street.
The stardust trail's destination is not in the private bus parking lane that bisects the block.
A green cinderblock "gardener's shed", nestled under the thick cover of the trees, may be the destination.
Gadgets emplaced throughout the Waterfront District interact somehow with the stardust trail.
The "gardener's shed" is so very much more than its outside suggests.
The Man In Red, in possession of many private documents to which he ought never have gained access, destroys them in his efforts to create a collage project of his own.
Someone occasionally visits the interior space of the Foxfire Shed to do regular janitorial work.
One of those visitors is a metahuman.
If unidentified parties access the Foxfire Shed, Makeshift will receive an electronic notification. Meanwhile, the wider perimeter of the affected area includes some difficult-to-access hidden spaces!


Drawn from Discord, where four players wrote out the start of today's scene!
We open the session with Sable Shadow already speaking:
January 6
Magi's Epiphany


Trenchcoat Epiphany
The Shadow
Agent Chameleon
Sable Shadow
Player Journals
Case of the Psychic's Lament, Part 6 by The Shadow
Device or contraption? by Sable Shadow
Report Date
05 Jul 2024
Primary Location
Related Plots

New This Session

Makeshift: I'm hesitant to divulge more, because we don't know you guys.
Shadow: That's wise.
Makeshift: You part of a group?
Makeshift: Do you have a supervisor?
Shadow: changes the subject
The Intel Pool
  • strange devices installed in the shed
  • travel to alternate places
  • more devices in the sewers
  • The Science Court, led by The Science Judge
  • the captured associate of the bad guys
  • emission devices in multiple places in a wide circle around this part of Brooklyn
  • motion-activated remote drone camera left at head height in Foxfire Project Room
  • confiscated and relocated shipping container
  • loose alliance of mystery investigators, not a tight organization like most SuperGroups


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